Fix Xbox One X Black Screen of Death

Xbox One X is a great device for playing high graphics games uninterruptedly but sometimes it can get stuck at the blank loading screen before going black forever. You can manage to get past this problem and see your Xbox One X up and running, back again. Here’s are few suggestions you can try to fix Xbox One X Black Screen of Death.

XBox One X

Fix Xbox One Black Screen of Death

Before going completely black, you might observe that Xbox One stays at the green loading screen for over 10 plus minutes. At other times, it displays an icon for a few seconds before going completely black.

1] Perform a Hard Reset

To try this workaround, hold down your Xbox One X’s power button until it turns off. Hit the button again. This action will force the console to go into a full reboot cycle and the dashboard should appear once the console loads. How does this help? Hard Reset clears all cache but preserves your data. So, after you do this, some settings might revert back, and game start issues might get resolved.

2] Pressing Right Trigger + Left Trigger + Y button

Xbox One X Black Screen of Death

This appears to be the simplest of all solutions. All it requires is a press and hold on the Left & Right trigger buttons, followed by a press on Y button and then releasing all simultaneously. A split second later, you should find the Dashboard refreshed with the functionality of the console restored.

3] Switch tabs

Another solution recommended by the most gaming enthusiasts is to open the guide, press ‘Home’, and then immediately move away from the main dashboard to another tab. There’s no precise explanation to how this trick works but it manages to resolve the issue.

4] Offline mode

If none of the solutions mentioned above worked in your case, try switching Xbox One X to an offline mode. In most cases, problems while connecting to Microsoft servers can cause the black screen of death to appear. So, snapping the online connection can help avoid the issue. Simply disconnect your Xbox from Xbox Live via the Wi-Fi settings and reboot.

5] Visit Xbox Store

If the Home Screen keeps fading to the black screen, hit the guide button and go to the Xbox Store.

Immediately press A when you see the banner of a game and then go back Home.

You should see the Home Screen functioning intact now!

Hope something helps!

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