Xbox Game Gifting not working

The option to gift someone an Xbox Game is one of the most impressive features of Xbox One, and Windows 10. We talked about it in much detail in our step to step guide, but if you running into an issue because your Xbox Game Gifting is not working as expected, and the person didn’t get your gift or worst you aren’t able to send one, what should you do?

Xbox Game Gifting not working

Xbox Game Gifting not working

In this post, I am talking about the possible issues when it comes to “Gifting a digital Xbox game”, and how to resolve it. Stay assured, even if nothing works, you can always contact Xbox Support to get your money back.

Limit on the number of “Digital Gift” games

I am sure you would want to gift to a number of people because its holiday, or maybe because you want to, know that Microsoft had put a limit (per account basis) on how many you can send in a day.

Consumers are restricted to limit of two copies for any one title on sale, and the maximum of 10 such sale copies within 14-days. This makes sure the sale is not abused by just one person.

Some games are not available under “Buy as gift” option

Like I said in my last post, that not everything is available for sale. This includes Extensions, Game Pass, etc. It is also possible that some Game companies do not want to get listed under this option to protect their sale or they want to sell it as physical game copies. If you don’t see the option of “Buy as gift”, this could be one of the reasons.

Your Gift was missed

When you send a gift, the process is instant. An email is sent, and if you have used a gamer tag, a message from Xbox Live should be available for the person. In case it didn’t happen this is what you should do:

Find the Gift Code under your Billing Section:

Go to your Microsoft Account Billing, and look for the order you placed. Expand it, and select “View gift code”. If the code is still active, you can copy, and send it again over email.

In case you see the code is not active, you will get a clear note on which gamertag used it. It is possible that you might have selected a wrong gamer tag. Nothing can be done if that’s the case.

Many a time, the recipient deletes the email or the message, and this is where it comes handy.

Contact Support:

If the above-mentioned solution doesn’t work, and your code is not used, you can connect with Xbox support here after 12 hours. Sometimes it takes a bit more time than usual.

The Recipient can’t redeem the code

It is possible that you have gifted a game to a young friend of yours who have no idea of how this “Redeem” process works. In that case, you might have to get on a call and tell him how to do it. However in case, the young person has restriction because he holds a child account, you will have to talk to his parent. It’s possible that game isn’t suited for his age, and is blocked. Parents will have to change settings for him.

There is one rule of thumb though. Always make sure to gift someone who lives your country or region. That way, if the game has region restrictions, your gift will not be wasted.

If nothing works for you, and parents have denied your gift, your friend lives in a country where he cant play the game, or maybe he already has the game, and so on. It’s time you contact the support.

Most of the time, Support will refund you. Just be genuine about it.

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