How to become an Xbox Ambassador & What it means?

Xbox Ambassador is a community program from Microsoft which allows Xbox enthusiasts to participate and help others having problem with Xbox. It is similar to Microsoft’s MVP program, but it’s more social than anything else. The group is made of experts who are willing to share their Xbox knowledge with the community.

Xbox Ambassador Dashboard

How to become an Xbox Ambassador

We will take a look at the following aspects of the Xbox Ambassador Program:

  1. Requirements to become an Xbox Ambassador
  2. Xbox Ambassador Rewards
  3. What does it mean

1] Requirements to become an Xbox Ambassador

  • At least 17 years of age or older.
  • Have at least 1,500 Gamerscore
  • No prior Enforcement actions against your account within the last year

Once you pass through the validations, you should watch the welcome video, and complete the 5-step website walkthrough.

2] Xbox Ambassador Rewards

While you are advocating Xbox in the community, helping out people, the effort doesn’t go unrewarded. During the process, you need to complete activities that make a positive impact on the Xbox community. As you complete program-related activities, you earn XP and level up.  These XPS, in turn, will let you redeem physical and digital rewards.

Xbox Mission Ambassador

Once you complete the mission, can claim the XP by marking the tasks as complete. It will of course get verified. The biggest bonus is that you don’t need to pay for Xbox Live Gold account when you reach Gold or Silver level. In brief, you can get seasonal rewards, enter weekly sweepstakes, get early access to Xbox info, enjoy community recognition, etc.

3] What does it mean?

Its all about community activity, and help others using Xbox. Imagine it to be like a support group, but not like dull technical support. You can help the community resolve its problem with your experience, which sometimes supports might fail to answer.

MVP Ambassador is an ongoing program. You will have to be active to keep your Ambassador levels up and running. You need to invest time, and make sure to offer solutions that work, and not just do it for the sake of getting an Xbox Live account.

To get started visit If you need more help around the program, you can connect with @xboxambassadors on Twitter.

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