Wise PC 1stAid: Troubleshooting freeware to fix Windows problems

WiseCleaner has always been presenting the best useful software for users and Wise PC 1stAid is its next software in the lineup. Helping you to solve your common PC problems, WiseCleaner has now come up with PC trouble-shooting software, Wise PC 1stAid.Wise PC 1stAid

Wise PC 1stAid review

With a very simple interface Wise PC 1stAid is an intelligent freeware specially designed to help users fix the most commonly encountered PC issues. It offers a direct and easy approach for users to get the solution for these common issues like memory issues and slow PC speed issues. Wise PC 1stAid is best suitable for not so tech-savvy users who cannot deal with complex configuration settings of the computer system.wise pc 1staid 1

The first released version of Wise PC 1stAid includes 11 problem suites and every suite has a brief problem description and a direct button to fix the issue.

The 11 problem suites include:

  1. Desktop icon errors
  2. Cannot open links
  3. Hyperlinks in IE cannot be opened
  4. Cannot open Task Manager
  5. Cannot open Regedit
  6. Cannot open webpages while surfing internet
  7. Lame internet surfing
  8. Programs not running smoothly
  9. Too much memory occupied
  10. Slow startup
  11. Running speed of PC is too low

You just need to find the required problem suite and hit the ‘Fix Now’ button. The software will then automatically look for the issue and fix it. Make sure that the problem suite you are selecting actually refers the problem bothering you. You can read the description of the problem in the suite and check if that is the same issue you are facing.

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If you do not find your problem listed in the 11 problem suites of Wise PC 1stAid, you can get your solution from the WiseCleaner forum. All you need to do is to download Wise PC 1stAid and install in on your system. On the main interface of the software you can see all 11 problem suits. On the right pane you can see the direct link to WiseCleaner Forum. You just need to fill your description and submit your problem to official tech forum and look for the solution.

The description form includes a space where you can describe your problem with appropriate screenshots and submit it on the forum. The program will also take the basic information about your computer system like your Windows edition; processor, disk space, memory and system drive to solve the issue perfectly.

Your issue will be displayed as a post in the forum and will be checked by the other forum members and the professional technicians. When any user or technicians reply to your query, the “My Question” icon at the upper right corner of the main interface will start blinking reminding you to check the solution.

In a nutshell, Wise PC 1stAid is an easy to use system repair application which can fix the most common PC issues, giving you a complete solution for fixing your computer. You can download it from its home page. Do create a system restore point first before using this tool, so that you can always revert back, should the changes not be to your expectations.

While on the subject of fixing Windows problems, you might want to also check out our very popular portable first-of-its-kind freeware tool – FixWin.

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