WinLaunch: OS X like Launcher for Windows 10/8/7

The Taskbar is a convenient element of Microsoft Windows and this is popular mainly because users can easily pin their oft-used programs. However, if your Taskbar is stuffed with a lot of apps and you would now like to get a substitute or perhaps a second Taskbar, try WinLaunch. In this post, we will see how to install & use WinLaunch.

How to install & use WinLaunch

WinLaunch is a free software that allows you to add an OS X like Launchpad on Windows. WinLaunch will let you pin programs, just as you do with the Taskbar. The most beautiful thing about this tool, is that you can open up this launchpad or launcher using a keyboard shortcut or by simply hovering the mouse.

The setup looks very simple and is not much time consuming. WinLaunch works on Windows 10/8/7. In my case, the installation crashed on Windows 7 for the first time. However, I have successfully installed this software on Windows 8.1 without any issue.

After installing it on your machine, you will get a small pop-up window like this:

Winlaunch Style Selection

It requires you to choose a particular type of appearance. Although, the “Lion Blur” is defined as Medium Performance, both options work quite well. I didn’t find any major difference between those two options. Anyway, after picking out one option, you will definitely get a text that looks something like this:

WinLaunch Start Screen add Apps

Just press the “F key to get smaller window to pin apps. Otherwise, later on you will not be able to do so. After re-sizing the window, you can use drag and drop technique to add/pin apps or any other programs to WinLaunch launcher. After adding, it will look like this:

WinLaunch Interface with Pinned Apps

Settings of WinLaunch

WinLaunch comes with some useful settings that will let you run it according to your requirements.


General Settings: You can enable/disable Tablet-mode. This specific option helps to disable the instant moving of items. You can also pin WinLaunch to the desktop, fill entire screen and more.

Activation: Right from this “Activation” tab, you can set up keyboard shortcut and activate hot corner. The default hotkey is Shift + Tab, but you can change it. On the other hand, the default hot-corner is the upper left of your screen. You can change it too. A Hot Corner refers to a particular corner of your screen, from where you can open the Launchpad by ‘mouse hovering’.

Design: By default, WinLaunch captures the desktop wallpaper as the background. If you do not want to use that wallpaper, just change it right from Design panel. Not only wallpaper, but also you can use solid color in the background.

Change Name of Any App in WinLaunch: If you want to change the name of any pinned app, just right click on that and go to Edit.

Edit App Name in WinLaunch

After that, you can rename your app as per your wish. You can also get the app location from the same menu.

Instead of cluttering your desktop with loads of software icons, this is far better to use a launcher like WinLaunch to organize them in a different way.

WinLaunch download

You can download WinLaunch from here. Try it, I am sure that you will like it.

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