ViPad is a cool desktop app launcher and organizer for Windows PC

ViPad is a free software for Windows 10/8/7 that acts as an app launcher and helps you organize your desktop. If you have a cluttered desktop, then this freeware will help you get a clutter-free desktop environment. Let us take a look at its features, in this post.

ViPad desktop app launcher

vipad launcher

Searching for an oft-used software via the Start Menu can take time if you have several apps installed. Sure, you can quickly search for it using the taskbar search bar, but many of prefer to place its icon on the desktop instead. Over a period of time, the icons clutter could increase, and we again spend time search for its icon. This is where ViPad can help you.

By using ViPad, you can club all the related or preferred apps together, and consolidate them. You can create as many sections as you want and then open your desired app right from the ViPad launcher. For instance, if you have three or four browsers, and you use them simultaneously, you can put them in one Tab. You can similarly place your image editing tools in another tab, and so on.. The following options and features are included in this app,

The tool offers the following options and features:

  • Place icons in a launcher
  • Create as many Tabs you want
  • Change dimension of icons
  • Finger & mouse gestures
  • Stick to desktop
  • Always on top
  • Tabbed mode
  • Show/hide control box
  • Use Windows DWM

After installing ViPad you will see a blank tab, where you can place your icons. Use the drag & drop method to place icons in the tab.

To add a new tab, click on the Plus sign. If you want to move one app from one tab to another, right-click on the icon > Move to > Select tab.

If you want to rename a tab, right-click on the tab and select Rename.

To change the icon of any app, right click on the app > Change > Change Icon > Select icon.


By default, ViPad has no keyboard shortcut to launch it. But you can set a keyboard shortcut using WinKey.

If you want to access ViPad Settings, click on the ViPad icon > Settings and you will see the options offered.


ViPad is a very useful freeware that can help you get rid of your desktop clutter by organizing your desktop icons in a smart way. Not only will it make your desktop look cool, it is sure to increase your efficiency.

You can download ViPad from:

PS: Although I checked the file with my Kaspersky & Malwarebytes and found it to be clean, based on the comments, I have got it scanned at VirusTotal and here are the results. So take a call and decide whether you want to download it or not.

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  1. Maximo

    I cleaned my desktop without any app. I created a new carpet “right clik>option”; put all icons that were in the desktop, and then drag to the task bar near the clock.I got the name of the carpet “Mis Apps and a doble >> symbol when click displays all icons /names. Hope help you

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