SlickRun lets you quickly open a program or website using the command line

Accessing any file via the command line is possible, and it has been like that for decades. However, doing so is not a straightforward affair in Windows 10 or any other version of the operating system for that matter. With that in mind, then, we chose to seek out a tool that could get the job done and in the easiest way. The program we are going to discuss today is called SlickRun, and it is a command-line utility designed for Windows 10 and over versions of the operating system. Now, from what we’ve come to understand since using this tool, it can give users access to almost any website or program with relative ease.

You see, users can create aliases, known as MagicWords, and this is super easy to do for your information. Its an impressive piece of kit, this SlickRun, and since our first time using it, we have used it quite regularly. We are pretty sure many folks will find solace in this software going forward because it’s useful and easy to understand.

Now, for those who might find it difficult understanding how to get around using SlickRun, well, continue reading because as usual, we’ve got the juice.

SlickRun – Open a program or website using the command line

Bear in mind that after installation, the user will not see a screen since the tool ferries itself to the taskbar. Everything is done from that section, and its quite easy to understand, at least, from our point of view.

1] New Magic Word

SlickRun lets yo quickly open a program or website using the command line

To get things up and running the easy way, you will need to add magic words for all of your important files and websites. We suggest right-clicking on the icon on the Taskbar, then select Setup. From here, the Setup window should be visible, so just click on New Magic Word to add things manually.

Additionally, the window should be populated with several items within the Library. So a lot of the hard work should go out of the door right away.

2] New Shortcuts

OK, so when it comes down to adding new shortcuts, please right-click on the icon in the Taskbar then select New Shortcut to add them. To see the newly added shortcuts, then, please right-click again and select Shortcuts to view them all.

Yes, its that easy and shouldn’t take much out of you to get it done at all.

3] Use a magic word

To launch a program or website via a magic word, just type the word in the search box and hit Enter. Alternatively, you could fire it up from the Setup window, but that’s a chore so we suggest using the search box option.

List of keyboard commands:

  • Up arrow or F3: Scroll upward (earlier) in command history
  • Down arrow: Scroll downward (later) in command history
  • ALT+F: Search for the text typed so far as a prefix in the command history
  • Shift+ALT+F: Search for the text typed so far *anywhere* in the command history
  • ALT+M: Show MagicWords list
  • ALT+S: Search for the text typed so far in the Start Menu
  • CTRL + /: Replace all \ characters in the SlickRun box with /
  • CTRL + \: Replace all / characters in the SlickRun box with \
  • CTRL+TAB: Cycle between SlickRun windows
  • CTRL + A: Select all Command Bar text
  • CTRL + C: Copy selected text to clipboard
  • CTRL+I: Show a File-selection dialog
  • CTRL + F: Show File Selection dialog box
  • CTRL + T: Transpose the last two terms in the SlickRun box
  • CTRL + X: Cut selected text to clipboard
  • CTRL + V: Paste text from clipboard
  • TAB or CTRL+RIGHT: Move to the next delimiter (\,/, or space) in the auto-completed text
  • SHIFT+TAB or CTRL+LEFT: Move to the previous delimiter
  • CTRL+Delete: Delete current item from history
  • CTRL+Shift+Delete: Delete all history

Download SlickRun directly from the official website when ready.

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