Windows Installation Media Creation Tool: Create Installation Media for Windows 8.1

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  1. Max

    Question: My girlfriend bought a new laptop with Windows 8 on it, she hates it and wants Windows 7. I have Windows 7 on my laptop and am interested in Windows 8. Can I install 7 on her laptop using the activation code under my laptop and vice versa? No, we can’t just switch laptops, because mine is a top of the line supermachine while hers is a piece of cheap junk bought for facebook and instagram usage.

  2. Moss Miller

    To install Windows 7 on her laptop, make sure it is supported by the manufacturer, as some newer laptops will not have drivers under Win 7. To use the OEM Win 7 license on your laptop, you would need the manufacturer’s OEM installation disks. With Dell, you can do this using the OEM Win 7 license on the outside of another Win 7 Dell laptop (or desktop), just make sure the versions are the same. You can buy the Dell disks inexpensively on eBay. As for you going to Win 8, you will need to buy a license. Save time and get one (with install media) for 8.1 as not all apps work under 8.0.

  3. Mike Markwick

    I downloaded and burned the ISO to a disk and because I was having problems on my PC I decided to to a complete reinstall using the burnt ISO. when everything was complete all the icons and fonts wre supersized anyone have any ideas as to why this could have happened I had to go back to windows 8 and go from there to windows 8.1

  4. vasudevG

    May be the correct resolution was not selected , could have tried increasing it. Also the latest graphics driver from manf site,if MS default not working….

  5. AN

    Question: Does the downloaded DVD also work with Windows 8.0 OEM keys?

  6. Windows 7 USB-DVD Tool is also useful for creating Windows 7,8, or 8.1 installation media if you have ISO file already on your storage device.

  7. Lisa

    Hi there I have followed all the above instructions and the process gets right to the end, but at the final point and message pops up – We couldnt create an installation USB drive…access is denied. I tried it 3 times and it always falls short at the same point. Ive formatted the USB stick I’m using. Any suggestions ?

  8. Martin

    I have the same problem. Does anyone have an idea for us?

  9. Void

    Just did that, didn’t work for me… :/

  10. vasudevG

    Which OS?Have you tried using a different USB flash drive?Also if possible can you try & see if the DVD option works?

  11. indra

    on running the create installation media tool, the screen comes blank. There is nothing to choose on the language and other options?? How to resolve this.

  12. J

    Make sure there is a disc or usb connected to the PC

  13. bm

    wheres the button to download

  14. bm

    yes just go on microsoft and type in windows 7 upgrade system

  15. Praveen Kumar Ravz

    can i use an iso file i already have without requiring to download again?? please help me

  16. sai kumar

    whenever I tried to do windows 8.1 pro to download it shows that “task did not complete”
    and “data is invalid”.

  17. Void

    Nvm used DVD in the end… not worth the time/effort.

  18. Sachin Ghawre

    how to download windows 10 pro using media creation tool.

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