Windows computer makes beeping noise when you try to turn it on

Some users are reporting that for some reason, their computer is unable to turn on, and at the same time, it’s beeping a few times or continuously whenever an attempt is made to turn on the computer. This can be annoying, but if we are right, this won’t be an easy software fix.

Chances are, your problem has nothing to do with Windows 10, but instead the hardware inside of your system. You see, a computer is designed to deliver audible error sounds whenever certain hardware is not working properly.

If you hear a single beep, then your GPU is probably giving problems. If you’re hearing two beeps, then that means your RAM isn’t working as it should. Three beeps that repeat after a pause when you turn on your computer indicate a problem with the system memory.  However, if your PC is beeping continuously, then it simply means the processor is affected. You may refer this Beep Codes list for details.

Windows computer makes beeping noise

1] Check the RAM

Windows computer makes beeping noise

The first thing you’ll be required to do here is to check the RAM. Get your screwdrivers out and dig into your computer, then locate the RAM slots to make sure they are firmly attached. Moving around a computer on a regular basis can cause certain components to become loose.

Worst case scenario, the RAM is likely broken, and this is where you’ll need to purchase new ones. Now, you can either go online or better yet, go to the nearest computer shop to quickly get your hands this component instead of waiting on an online delivery.

2] Check the graphics card

It’s not easy to remove or replace a video card in a laptop computer, therefore, we’re focusing more on the desktop variety. OK, so dust is a problem for all computers, especially desktops since they are huge with a lot of open areas.

Desktop owners need to regularly remove certain components such as the graphics card and give it a good cleaning. This helps to increase the lifespan of your computer and to avoid errors in startup.

If the graphics card is broken, then just like the RAM, you are required to get a new one. Depending on the card you desire, you may have to dig deep and spend a lot of money.

3] Check the processor

The processor is the brain of every computer, therefore, if it stops working, then everything else is useless. Go on ahead and check the component to see if it’s stuck in firmly, and also check if it needs to be cleaned of dust or any other debris.

If nothing works, then maybe you need to take your system to a hardware repair person.

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