Windows As A Service – A Discussion


  1. Idea of Windows as a service is a idiotic, and if MS ever goes that way quickly there will be others OS that will replace it. Cloud-based services are great for programs, but cloud-based OS is just asking for trouble. Not to mention that companies wont accept that. And such reliance on internet connection is trouble either… Bad, bad idea…

  2. The idea that computing should not take place on your computer — but instead a far off computer — is the idea that corporations — and more broadly *the state* have every interest and right to see and control your computing.

    This opens the door up to levels of government intervention and tyranny never dreamed.

  3. Digital rights management is just as bad in the video game industry. Every time it’s implemented, usually the game servers are overloaded, resulting in most players being unable to play the game they paid for. Windows as a service is just asking to be in the same boat as DRM. Almost nobody likes it, but it’s forced on us anyway.

  4. In windows 10 Microsoft monitors anything they can, changes your windows settings on a whim and installs apps you do not want or need plus they can make them difficult to uninstall easily and already do that with some apps. If you manage to uninstall them they are reinstalled by windows update which itself is made difficult to disable if not impossible. And then there are more restrictions on programs that can run than windows 7 plus on multiple laptops and other devices installing anything Microsoft does not approve of as an operating system is rendered difficult or impossible.

    And now you are proposing that we give Microsoft the power to render offline use of computers which would deny Microsoft control for awhile impossible, give them far more control over what we can do with our computers AND pay them a monthly fee which will amount to whatever they want to charge due to lack of other options after all other operating systems are rendered impossible to run on newer computers?

    Yeah…that will end well.

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