Windows 10 Night Light not working or wont turn on

Windows 10 Night Light is a great feature which helps consumers to use their computer for a longer duration. It makes the screen color warmer, which is especially helpful when you work in the dark or at night. That said, if for some reason you see Night Light is not working, won’t turn on or is grayed out, then here is how you can fix this problem.

Windows 10 Night Light not working

If your Windows 10 night light stuck on On, or not turning On or if it won’t turn Off, then try our following suggestions. Something is sure to help you:

  1. Turn off and then turn on Night Light via Settings
  2. Update Graphics driver as explained below
  3. Reset Night Light via Registry as explained below if the setting is grayed out.

Update Graphics driver

Since this is a graphics dependent feature, it’s is best to install the latest version of the graphics card you have on your computer. You can either download the latest driver from the OEM website or use the graphics utilities of the OEM to update your graphics driver.

Night Light not turning on at the scheduled time

Automatic Light Settings depend on two things – Location and Clock Settings. This usually happens when you stay in one region while you work for another region.

night light windows 10

Change Time Settings:

  • Go to Settings > Time & Language > Date & Time
  • Toggle to automatic for both date and time. In case its already turned on, turn it off and set it to your time zone.

Set Location:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy Settings > Turn on Location
  • Restart your computer.

This will make sure Night Light turns on / off at its scheduled time.

Night Light Mode doesn’t change

This is rare, but in case the Night Light mode is stuck in either On or Off state, here is what you can do.

  • Press the Windows key to launch the Start Menu.
  • Click on your profile picture and select Sign-out.
  • Restart and sign-in again.

This will fix any setting which gets stuck with your account.

Night Light Toggle Grayed out

Windows 10 Night Light not working

Open Registry Editor by typing “regedit” in the Run prompt and navigate to the following key:


Expand the DefaultAccount registry folder, and then delete the two sub-folders:

  • $$
  • $$

Close Regedit, and exit. Restart your computer.

In case, nothing works for you; it is best to switch alternative like F.LUX.  It is also available as Windows App which you can download from the Store. Since it doesn’t depend on any of the Windows Settings, it should work just fine for you.

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