Windows 10 for Business and Enterprise – Highlights and Features

While Windows 10 Pro is meant for IT Pro’s and small & medium businesses, Windows 10 Enterprise edition is targeted at large scale corporates and businesses. Windows Pro editions are generally used by professionals and IT geeks at small/medium businesses. Professionals in medium and large corporates/business/institutions go with Windows Enterprise edition. Microsoft has now added two latest products to its Enterprise portfolio namely –  Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch) which enables productivity of businesses in different fields.

Some of the key features offered by Windows 10 for Business products are:

  • Device Guard
  • Device management
  • Enterprise Data Protection
  • Microsoft Passport
  • Provisioning packages
  • Windows 10 browsing options

Windows 10 for Business has a wide variety of applications in different industries. Retail, Hospitality, Education, Airlines, Financial Services, Government, Manufacturing,Health Care and Public Safety, to name a few. These are some of the fields where Windows 10 can add real value to its customers. Here are few highlights of Windows 10 for Businesses.

Windows 10 for Business and Enterprise

Windows 10 for Business and Enterprise

There are several reasons that business customers in particular should take notice of Windows 10. Features include enterprise-grade security, identity and information protection features, reducing complexity and providing a better experience for the modern needs of business. Management and deployment has been simplified to help lower costs, including in-place upgrades from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 that are focused on making device wipe-and-reload scenarios obsolete.

Windows solutions for Retail

Businesses in the retail industry can make the most out of Windows solutions to maximize their store operations. Some core offerings of Windows for retail include:

  • Assisted selling and clienteling
  • Insights and efficiency in retail execution
  • Modern points-of-sale lets you transact from anywhere
  • Maximized Store operations
  • Fully digitized portable, interactive instructions

You can watch case studies of successful retailers using Windows as solution here.

Windows solutions for Hospitality

From Broadmoor hotels to Sheraton hotels and resorts, hospitality industry is booming. Delighting customers in hospitality industry is an everyday challenge. By effectively making use of Windows offerings, businesses could realize the productivity. Here are few things where Windows adds value to hospitality industry.

  • Windows mobile devices empowers and enhances front desk guest service
  • Improves back-of-house efficiency
  • Provide personalization for guests with a connected room
  • Point-of-sale machines to transact from anywhere

Read case studies of Windows solutions in hospitality industry here

Windows solutions for Education

  • Redefined learning experience with best computing environment for education
  • Reaching valuable education content through apps and services like Office, Skype and Lync
  • Customized education environment with different device options like tablets and PCs for the classroom
  • Windows devices offer parental security features like Family Safety.

Find out all the successful implementation of Windows solutions for Education here.

Windows solutions for Financial Solutions

  • On-the-go engaging advisory services to deliver real-time and personalized recommendations to clients.
  • Personal and interactive client experience on Windows devices drives insurance sales
  • Processing customer transactions while in line keeping the branch flowing smoothly
  • Interactive and digital displays empower customers to self-serve.
  • Capturing data, taking photographs, and submitting claims in real time boosts productivity

Case studies of Windows solutions for financial solutions can be found here.

Windows solutions for Airlines

  • Mobile point-of-sale terminals provides exceptional on-board service.
  • Maximize loyalty and revenue by personalizing passenger in-flight entertainment.
  • Improving crew engagement by providing on-demand inventory and review passenger details
  • Replace heavy paper flight bags with digitized electronic flight bags.
  • Real-time monitoring with integrated ground operations.

Find out all the case studies of Windows solutions for Airlines here.

Windows solutions for Government

  • Windows 2-in-1 devices allow decision makers enhance their productivity providing always-on, high-speed connections.
  • Government field workers can make use of Windows devices designed for task-oriented, on-site work.
  • Run proprietary Windows line-of-business programs

Find out some featured apps related to Government and management here.

Windows solutions for Manufacturing

  • Windows devices help in collaborative design and engineering,factory workers can share 3D designs easily to be more efficient.
  • Improve team coordination by securely accessing the centralized document management systems.
  • Track customer information, preferences and enable personalized sales & marketing
  • Access to real-time data in harsh conditions with the help of rugged mobile devices.

Instances where Windows solutions are used in manufacturing industries can be found here.

Windows solutions for Health

  • Using legacy and modern Windows apps collaborate with multiple In-Hospital care teams
  • Build community and ambulatory clinicians with secure, mobile access to corporate networks and patient’s home.
  • Dedicated Windows devices for proactive health management and health systems engagement.

Different case studies on different hospitals across the globe using Windows as solutions are here.

Windows solutions for Public Safety

  • Police commanders can receive and analyze inbound, incident-based information in real-time and securely as well.
  • Ideal for law enforcement officers in the field to communicate information securely across organization
  • Windows-powered flight bags increases efficiency through remote collaboration for military pilots and maintenance workers
  • Combination of PC and tablet experience for technicians and inspectors boosts productivity.

More details on using Windows solutions for Public Safety can be found here.

Businesses can get started by downloading Windows 10 Enterprise Trial Version.

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