WinClip lets you add an extra Clipboard to Windows

The conventional Windows Clipboard is one handy default tool that allows you to temporarily store bits of text or files and paste them where needed. But again, it allows you to process only one item at a time; making the entire task extensive and complex. Parenthetically, WinClip is a simple tray application and a free clipboard manager software that can store multiple entries and save them for later use. While Microsoft has introduced a Cloud Clipboard which is natively integrated into Windows 10, this tool gives you a little more.

WinClip works as two Windows clipboards

WinClip is a free Windows clipboard manager that allows you to use two clipboards via separate commands. Both the keyboards are precisely the same and work similarly. The only difference with the second keyboard is that instead of the control key, it uses Windows keys. Also, WinClip doesn’t impinge on the use of regular clipboard commands.

You can use the second or the extra clipboard with the below Windows commands:

  • To Copy – Win+C
  • To Cut – Win+X
  • To Paste – Win+V

WinClip Windows clipboard manager also includes commands for clearing both the clipboards and for opening the Windows Clipboard Viewer. Note, WinClip version 1.4 released in February 2019 comes with a chm help file to replace the textual readme.txt file and can use custom clipboard viewer.

Advantages of WinClip Windows clipboard manager

One of the neatest advantages of using WinClip is that this application doesn’t demand installation on the system for proper functioning. This means it can be carried around on a USB flash drive and used on different systems uninterruptedly. In addition to this, the portability keeps the system registries intact. Hence it doesn’t have any negative impact on the target PCs health.

Users can choose to keep the app active to any clipboard changes, or simply disable it to perform work in routine conditions. Furthermore, an input value field allows to even specify the number of maximum items to store.

Considering the advantages, WinClip surely looks like a practical extension to the default Windows clipboard.

How to install WinClip

Download and extract the file to the desktop and open the application.

It is now ready for use!

Winclip clipboard manager

You can view WinClip active and ready to use on the right side of the taskbar.

You can download WinClip Windows Clipboard manager here. Power the functionality of the conventional Windows clipboard and make it hold more entries and have them saved for later use.! This is an Intel architecture Win32 program that only works on Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista.

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