Why is Microsoft hearting Linux & Open Source now?


  1. I think there is too much SCO code in Windows to open source it legally. I think Microsoft is going to switch to a more money driven subscription based model of operating things. Think about this, pay a small fee like $60 a year for Direct X 14 etc, $35 a year for Office 365, etc… the problems facing this is piracy, or other open source code as it progresses.

  2. Actually Microsoft has been involved in Open Source, Linux, UNIX, interoperability initiatives etc since long time, it was there even at times of Ballmer. Though people see them to support now…. Yes, Microsoft has been more vocal & open in their support now & moving into commercials now. Microsoft had Port25 which used to discuss and work on Open Source software. I remember they gave a walk-through of their lab running penguin powered servers…

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