Best free White Noise apps for Windows 10/8/7

The world has come a long way from the tranquility of nature. However, for better or for worse, we humans haven’t evolved to prefer the noise and frequency we surround ourselves with now. Thankfully though, technology has advanced to imitate the sweet and soothing sounds that used to be nature’s gift to us. Why suffer the chaos when you are only trying to rest? Download one or more of the best white noise apps and have nature back at your disposal again.

Free White Noise apps

White Noise is a random signal having equal intensity at different frequencies, giving it a constant power spectral density. This gives a soothing effect to the listener.

Here is a list of the top 10 white noise apps that will help you relax or have a sound sleep and even help with your anxiety issues if you are lucky. They are free apart from some in-app purchases on some of the apps. So, you can try as many of them as you want and choose the best one for yourself. So, here we go.

1] Teddy Sleep SoundsFree White Noise apps

Teddy Sleep Sounds from ClipinMedia is a white noise application software dedicated to assisting sleep in both, adults and children. Within the 98MB storage it takes, you will get all the natural sounds you might need to help you fall asleep or get your baby to go to sleep. It helps people with insomnia as well. What’s special about this app is that it offers actual recordings of natural sounds instead of synthetic replications that many aren’t satisfied with. With Windows users so far, this app is rated at 4.1 Check the app out for yourself and let your friends know if you found it useful. There aren’t many users for this app because of some of the premium features. The only shortcoming of this app is that the free version does not have many options, but the money will be worth it. Teddy Sleep Sounds are available in the Microsoft Store here.

2] Sleep Bug

Sleep Bug is by far the most popular white noise generating software on Windows. This Panzertax app stands at a 4.5 rating from 4,013 users. Taking about 334MB of your device storage, Sleep Bug comes with 24 sceneries to go with the 83 different soothing sound effects. There are over 300 individual sounds that you can choose from depending on your mood. Sleep Bug is available for both, PC and mobile.

This app is an ambient sound with an inbuilt sound generator to offer naturalistic sounds. Sleep Bug helps soothe adults and keep babies busy. It helps a tired and busy person take a restful nap or even a borderline insomniac doze off peacefully. You can also use Sleep Bug when you want to work or just relax without dozing off. It will cut out all external noise if you plug it in and will take away your stress in less than a fourth of an hour. Download this incredible white noise app from here.

3] Sleep Machine

Sleep Machine is one of the most flexible white noise apps in the sense you can customize the ambient sounds to suit your taste and requirement. You also get an option to have your sounds Professionally Mastered. You can customize the volume, pitch, sounds of course, and the balance to compile the most soothing sound for yourself. You get the sounds of most natural elements such as rain, waves, birds, and more. You can install the app on up to 10 devices from a single Microsoft account.

Don’t worry if you are way too deep into the most relaxing slumber. You can wake yourself up without ruining your restful sleep with the help of 15 soothing alarm sounds that come with the software. You get to adjust the volume, pitch, and balance of every sound and tune. In addition to 7 preset sound mixes, you get the option to make your own mixes. You get all that in less than 130MB. Published by SleepSoft LLC, Sleep Machine is dedicated to your snoozing requirements. This app deserves the 4.4 rating and maybe higher with some tweaks in the future. Please check the Sleep Machine app’s website for more details.

4] Baby Soother

This is about the Free version. Baby Soother belongs to the ‘Kids and Family’ category instead of ‘Health and Fitness’, unlike most other white noise apps. In less than 11.5MB of storage space, Baby Soother will ensure your baby sleeps peacefully and does not wake up all cranky. Baby Soother has lullabies in store for when you run out of yours. The sounds come with various low-frequency options so as to not agitate or excite the baby. There are 13 low-frequency sounds. You don’t only get white noise, but also pink noise and brown noise so you can figure out what your baby likes to doze off to. Published by apply-now, Baby Soother has 255 takers so far on Windows, with a rating of 4.0. Those who care for their babies might consider downloading this app from here.

5] Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is one of the most popular apps from Ipnos Software. This 7MB app has 2846 Microsoft users alone. The rating stands at a whopping 4.7. Let’s find out what makes Relax Melodies that good. You get to custom mix the best sounds. You get to choose from 41 different options. You also get two binaural beat frequencies to help your brainwaves settle down. The mixing features are very handy, so you can make as many custom mixes you want without starting to get tired of it. You get to make the perfect mix with just a few taps, and you never seem to run out of options. Relax Melodies is perfect for the most restful sleep even for insomniacs. It also helps focus on meditation and prevent bouts of anxiety if you can see it coming in time to tune on your favorite soothing tunes. This amazing app could be downloaded from here.

6] Relaxiness- Rain Sounds

Relaxiness from Virege is a 29.35MB white noise app dedicated to various kinds of sounds all related to rain. If you are a rain lover, with this app you can make yourself feel like it’s raining outside, any time of the year. The best thing about this app is there are so many sounds with slight variations that you will find a sound mix for every situation. Whether you need to sleep, or take a short nap, or just relax for a short time before getting back to work again, or to do your homework, or even to meditate, you will always find a suitable sound mix for every situation. The choices are endless. The app has 1,621 Microsoft users and a rating of 4.0. You get enough sound options in the free app. You also get features like Night Mode, Sleep Timer, Smooth Loop Engine, and wallpapers. The premium version brings more perks. You might just feel like investing in the premium package as well. In case you don’t the free version has enough options to help you. Let rain sounds soothe you once you download it from here.

7] 5 Minute Relaxation

This 35.5MB app from Olson Applications offers soothing music, pleasant sounds, and a serene vocal guide to help you relax at any time and any place. As the name suggests, the app is dedicated to the short naps or relaxation sessions you need several times throughout the day. Each of the sessions in the sounds is minutes long. You could use this to doze off as well if you don’t have trouble falling asleep easily. Now, why would you need the app if you don’t have trouble sleeping? Well, it helps to have soothing sounds cut out the noise outside when you are signing off for the day. Try the app, and you will definitely feel the difference the next morning when you wake up more relaxed and energized than other days. The app has 442 Microsoft users so far with a rating of 4.3, and it is available for PC as well. Improve your health with this app once you download it from here.

8] Meditation Music

Published by Peaksel D.O.O. NIS, Meditation Music is a very small app of just 3.04MB. The app has just 19 registered Microsoft users, but from the 4.7 rating, it looks like they are satisfied with the app. Maybe the app will gain more popularity when more people find out about it. The category placement could be a problem because people are looking for music to meditate to are probably looking in the ‘Health and Fitness’ category instead of the ‘Music’ category where this app is placed. If you want to meditate and calm your nerves down, but the very attempt at meditation makes you more restless, this could be a very good app for you. While the app is not available throughout the globe, if it is available in your region, you could download it from here.

9] White Noise Generator

This app from Relaxio is one of the most popular white noise apps for Android. It is definitely the highest rated with a rating of 4.8 from over 16,000 users. The app has had over 5 million downloads on Google Play. You get high definition sounds replicating the natural melodies of the rain, thunder, gushing breeze, rustling leaves, the fauna and wind in forests, oceans, and more. You will definitely love listening to these sounds playing in the background while you are taking your much-valued nap. You also get unique yet pleasant sounds of cars, trains, cafes, and fans. You get both white noise and brown noise with this app. Take your pick. The White Noise Generator app could be downloaded from here.

10] Sounds of Nature Lite

This one is a lesser popular app but more people need to try this one out. This app comes with 11 natural soothing atmospheres created by white and pink noise. The app is compatible with both mobile and PC. You could be the first one to officially rate this app from Zainylabidovizat. The app takes about 160MB and is categorized under ‘Health and Fitness’. It is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, and 14 other languages. This amazing app could be procured from here.

BONUS: Take a look at Atmosphere Lite too.

With this versatile list of white noise generating application software, you can choose the most suitable app for your mobile or desktop and find renewed peace.

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