What’s new with Cortana in Windows 10 v1803

Windows 10 v1803 changes the way you were interacting with Cortana. Even though it is available to all Windows 10 users right from the setup, it wasn’t getting much use. This update integrates Cortana with Action Center, and other places to make sure consumers use it, and notice it on a day to day basis.

New features in Cortana on Windows 10

Cortana Profile Page

New features in Cortana on Windows 10

After Microsoft made Cortana available across mobile devices as well, it only made sense to a profile page where users could manage more than tasks. The new profile page now lets you add, and edit favorite places

Click the edit button on the right will open the new profile page where you to add and edit favorite places. The places you add will be used to give you traffic updates, and let you easily set reminders when you arrive or leave your location.

Resume Tasks using Timeline

Cortana Action Center Resume Work

If you use the timeline, don’t be surprised if Cortana starts offering suggestions to resume tasks. Its one of the key features of Windows 10 which tracks all your activity, and lets you start from where you had left. This is integrated with Cortana as well and works across devices with same Microsoft Account.

Cortana Collections

Cortana Collections in Windows 10

Cortana can now remember things by noticing. This means as you search for different things, add to your lists, and shop online, it will start suggesting based on your experience. It could be recipes, restaurants, books, movies and TV shows, and so on.

Using Collections, as Cortana gathers these things, it’ll put them into an organized list that you can customize. Also, the feature learns as you use it, which means that items you don’t like may not appear in the future. Using this you can also save to save videos, links, pages, etc so that you can easily locate them in the future.

Cortana & Action Center integration

Instead of Cortana appearing right on the start menu suggesting things, and asking you to get things done, it will now prompt you in the action center. I noticed this when I tried to access Action center during DND, and Cortana was right there telling me what I had missed till now.

This makes sense because most of the users would look at Action center more often rather than Cortana. Its only used when you want to search, and many would disable the search bar as well which makes Cortana pointless.


The default skill in the Cortana’s Notebook offers set of tips when you set it up for the first time to get you started. It is also available in more countries which include Canada, India, Spain, China, Mexico, France, Italy, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, and Brazil, in more languages, and improvements.

See how you can remove all Personal Data from Cortana on Windows 10.

Let us know how you enjoy using Cortana.

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