What is the latest Windows 10 version that is available for download

It is well known that since the release of Windows 10 Microsoft releases new major updates every six months. In case you are not sure what is the latest Windows 10 latest version available or the version that is installed on your computer, then this guide will help to figure it out and also help you get the latest Windows 10 version.

What is Windows 10 latest version

There are multiple ways to figure out Windows 10 latest version. You can do it from the Microsoft website, or you can do it on your computer. Once you know the version, you can compare it with the installed version on your computer, and choose to upgrade. Many times, consumers choose to delay the update to keep their system safe from any potential problem.

Where to check the latest Windows 10 version on Microsft Site

latest version windows 10

Simply visit this Microsoft website, and see the Version and the Build mentioned.

How to check the latest version installed on your Windows 10 computer

Windows Specifications Windows Update

Now that you are sure about which version is latest from Microsoft website let’s check on your computer.

Go to Settings > System > About. Scroll to the end to find version information. It will be available under Windows specifications and include edition, version, installed on, and OS build.

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Get the latest Windows 10 version number via Windows Update

Windows 10 Version View Update History

You can also use Windows Update to find out the last Feature Update installed on your computer. Go to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update > View Update History.

Where to download the latest Windows 10 version

All this brings us to the last question. Where does one download the latest version of Windows 10? The first option is to hit the Windows Update button and see if there is an update available. If not, check if you have by any chance delayed the feature update. If yes, disable it, and Windows will start downloading automatically. Lastly, if nothing works out, you can always choose to update using the ISO and making a bootable USB drive.

We hope this guide made it easier for you to find out Windows 10 latest version, and update to it in case you haven’t done it yet.

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