VMware Player 5 for Windows 8 released

Just installed Windows 8 and are missing your all Windows 7, Vista or XP apps? Well this may be the news you were waiting for. VMware has released VMware Player 5 for Windows 8 which easily lets you run your earlier operating systems on Windows 8 virtually. With VMware you can run older OS on the new hardware without any problems at all.

Virtualization is very beneficial for us. It lets us test and debug different applications on different platforms. It lets us try different platforms on a single platform without much fuss. When we are virtual, we are safe in terms of viruses, trojan attacks, etc.

What basically VMware does is that it creates a different Virtual PC with allotted Hard Disk and RAM of your PC. That virtual PC is small in file size and it is portable, but you’ll need an external hard disk to carry it along. There are four key terms of VMware : Create-Run-Evaluate-Share. It simply means that you can create and share your own virtual world with VMware in just seconds.

Running Windows XP on VMware (Windows 8) was a great experience. If you install a genuine Windows XP in VMware, you can have all the features such as Drag and Drop, Printing, Network Access, etc. With the new features in v5.0.0, the process of virtualization on Windows 8 has become a lot easier. You can even run Chrome OS on Windows 8. Well the software may not have the Metro styled design but still it is elegantly designed with an awesome interface.

If you are new to virtualization, even then you can easily use this tool without any problem. When you setup your virtual PC, the wizard will completely guide you through the entire process.

This tool doesn’t binds you to the limits of virtual PC’s you can create, but everything depends on your Machine and Hardware, so let’s check the minimum and recommended system requirements for a single VMware virtual drive.

Minimum Recommended
1 GHz Processor Speed 2 GHz Processor Speed
4 GB Free Hard disk Space 8 GB Free Hard disk Space

Click here to download VMware for Windows 8 and enter the world of virtualization on your new operating system.

Do share your experience of virtualization using this freeware, in the comments section below.

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