Bring back View Image and Search By Image buttons in Google Image Search results

The View Image browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers will make the “View Image” and “Search by Image” buttons visible in Google Image Search, which Google has removed for some reasons.

Thanks to technological advances and digital revolution, the world is changing at an unprecedented pace. The Internet has become a crucial source of learning and central to digital life. Yet for all its clear benefits, it has also emerged as a source of economic upheaval, and many traditional industries suffering the effects of disruption. For example, Getty, the supplier of stock images for businesses and consumers, filed an antitrust complaint against Google complaining that its image search function harms the company, as the consent given to download its high-resolution images without paying encourages piracy. Accepting to adhere to guidelines for appropriate use of internet services and electronic communications, Google removed ‘View Image’ button from its ‘Search’ function.

Earlier, the same button functioned as a direct link to the image source, allowing users conveniently bypass the hosting website. The unplanned move from Google created a lot of confusion among Internet users as scores of them relied on this feature for downloading or viewing the image.

Fortunately, following this, a developer came up with a solution that allows the users to access the ‘View Image’ and ‘Search By Image’ buttons on

Bring back View Image & Search By Image buttons in Google

All a user needs to do is visit this Google Store page, and search for ‘View Image’ Chrome extension.

Hit the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to add the extension to your Google Chrome browser.

Next, search for an image on Google Page. After you’ve selected an image, you will find that the View Image button has reappeared.

Bring back View Image and Search By Image buttons in Google Image Search results

That’s all about it. You still have access to the full-size picture without loading the source website.

Please note that the extension is also available for Mozilla Firefox as well.

View Image is non-intrusive and works perfectly as designed. So simple yet so impactful!

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