Use Microsoft Office Word to directly publish your Blog posts to WordPress, etc.

While looking around Microsoft Word the other day I came across a nice feature that I hadn’t heard of and searching the internet, I didn’t find any useful information at all: Write your blog post in Word and post it straight to your blog!

If I had ever had a complaint about Office, this feature has squashed all of that. Constantly I am trying to put together a post in WordPress and have had the editor seem to have a mind of its own. I also realized that most of the time I usually put together my post in Word then copy and paste it over to the WordPress editor to publish. Finding this feature has saved me a lot of headaches and initially only takes a minute or so to set it up and from then on you can publish straight from Word to your blog.

Use Word to publish your Blog posts

Start by putting together your post in Word and once you are done click the File menu and instead of clicking Save or Save As, head down the menu to the Save and Send menu selection.

Select the Publish as Blog Post menu selection than on the right-hand side hit the Publish as Blog Post button.

Use Word to publish your Blog posts

From here you will be prompted to Register Now or Register Later. Select Register Now and then select your Blog Provider and click Next.

Once you have clicked Next, you will be prompted with a dialog to enter your Blog URL. Here make sure you enter exactly as described in the dialog.

If your website is then in the URL box enter If your xmlrpc.php file is stored in a subfolder make sure to enter the subfolder directory.

For example, if you have it stored in a subfolder called blogfiles then you would enter

Next, enter your blog account Username and Password. Clicking the Pictures button you can set how inserted images are handled as well.

Once done, click OK, and if your information is correct, you will be presented with a message box to let you know it was successful.

You will be able to enter a Title for the post, and you will also be able to select Categories. Once you are done editing you have two options, click Publish and select Publish or Publish as Draft.

I recommend selecting Publish as Draft especially if you are in circumstances where posts are not automatically posted to your blog, or if you need to add additional info like tags, keywords, etc.

Once you have selected to either Publish or Publish as Draft if successful you will be prompted with a yellow bar that your post was successfully published.

Working with the post in Word you also have additional options such as inserting Pictures, Tables, Clipart, Shapes, SmartArt, Charts, Screenshots, Hyperlinks, and Symbols.

This is just the basics to get started blogging using Office. Play around with it, get to know the features and you might find yourself a new Blog Editor!

This Blog Post was written completely in Microsoft Word 2010 and published to WordPress!

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