Use Microsoft Office Word to directly publish your Blog posts to WordPress, etc.


  1. Yes we can use Word to blog. I prefer Windows Live Writer. It is free from Microsoft’s It works better for me as my primary blogging tool.

  2. Could you help me?

    i have a problem with make account {blog registration wizard}

    when i put user name of my blogger(gmail email) and his pass

    appear massage told me {word cannot register your account}

  3. I just tried with Word 2013 to register my blogger account….had no issues. Which version of Word are you using? Just choose your blog provider as blogger. User name as gmail id which you had used for your Blogger & I didn’t add so you too can try using just user name w/o Use the same gmail & password to directly sign-in to your blogger dashboard & see if you can sign-in to check what you are entering in Word is correct. If your a/c is already created wrongly in Word..From manage account option in Word, Remove it & try again.

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