View & uninstall previously connected USB devices with USBDeview

We all connect a lot of USB devices into our PC or Laptops – but have you ever maintained its record? No, who’s going to do that, it’s very boring work. But what if you want to have a look at the history of USB devices connected with your PC? USBDeview can help you out in such a situation.

USBDeview review

USBDeview is a freeware that lets you view all the connected USB devices to your PC. In addition to this, it also lets you view the history of previously connected USB devices. Whatever it is, USB Flash Drive, Mobile Phone, Camera or just any device that you’ve ever plugged in the USB port of your PC, USBDeview is going to record all its information and show it to you.


USBDeview shows you the device’s description, type, connection state, safe to unplug, serial number, date and time of connection, firmware version, driver version and many other details. The most handy and useful detail it shows you is that it also shows you whether a connected device is safe to remove or not.

In addition to extended details, the program also lets you disconnect and disable the connected devices. You can also uninstall the previously connected USB devices. With this amazing utility you can also change the drive’s assigned letter.

Under Advanced options, you can also add commands to execute when a USB device is plugged into your PC or plugged out of your PC. You can add as many commands and they would be executed every time a USB device is connected or disconnected.

Advanced OPtions

You can create an HTML record of the USB Devices connected to your PC, so that if you need the list of that data in future you can look through the HTML record. If you go into Properties of the file, then you can see some crucial elements that you should look to know more about the connected device.

There are many more customization features that we’ve already seen in many of the Norsoft’s applications.

USBDeview is a great tool and useful too. It lets you view history of USB Devices connected to your PC. It’s unique and works amazingly well.

USBDeview download

Click here to download USBDeview.

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  1. Susannah_L

    Useful tool. Thanks.

  2. Nirsoft have one of the best freeware program collections to maintains, administrate, config and monitor Windows

  3. Michael Petrizzo

    I am automating a backup routine that disconnects the USB drive after copying the files. However, to FULLY automate, I need the ability to CONNECT the drive again via the USBDeview software. Unfortunately, there only seems to be a disconnect option…not a connect option. Am I missing something?

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