Fix Unable to Connect to NVIDIA error in Windows 10/8/7

If you receive an error message Unable to Connect to NVIDIA on your Windows computer which has NVIDIA graphics card graphics drivers installed, then this post suggests some fixes that may help you resolve the error. This error mainly occurs with NVIDIA GeForce Experience app, which is a part of NVIDIA graphics driver and it manages a few things like games, drivers, etc., as well as update graphics drivers. Apart from checking your internet connection, these are the other things you could do to fix the issue.

Unable to Connect to NVIDIA

Unable to Connect to NVIDIA

1] Check NVIDIA Network Service

When you install NVIDIA graphics driver, a couple of services get added automatically, and you can find them in Services Manager. There is a service called NvContainerNetworkService, which helps the driver panel to connect to the internet. If somehow, it gets stopped, you will confront this issue. So you need to verify whether the service is running or not.

To get started, search for services.msc in the Taskbar search box and hit Enter on the result to open the Services Manager. Locate the service called NVIDIA NetworkService Container. Double-click on this service to open its Properties box.

Make sure the Service status is showing as Running. If not, click the Start button and OK to save the change.

2] Reinstall NVIDIA graphics driver

The above-mentioned solution is the working solution to this issue. However, if you are still receiving the error, you may need to reinstall the driver. You can download the Nvidia driver from official NVIDIA website.

That’s it! Hope these simple solutions would be helpful for you.

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