Smart Taskbar is a free Dual or Multi monitor software to manage multiple displays

The best part of Windows 10 is the way it manages multiple monitors. Multiple displays help us gain much more real estate and also become more productive at work. In fact, multiple displays are a must for some professionals like Graphic designers and video editors. In this segment, we review Ultramon Smart Taskbar, a free to use dual monitor software that helps Windows users with multiple display management.

Dual or multiple monitor software

The native options to manage multiple screens on Windows are limited and time consuming to use. The third party tools not only offer better shortcuts, but they also help in managing the taskbar and other UI elements on the second screen.

Features like taskbar extender will help you move and manage taskbar on a secondary display.

Ultramon Smart Taskbar for Windows 10

Dual or multiple monitor software

Ultramon Smart Taskbar offers two modes, mirror mode, and standard mode. In default mode, all taskbars show all open applications. If you want the taskbar to show applications in that particular monitor, you need to shift to standard mode.

To switch to standard mode follow the steps below

  1. Open UltraMon
  2. Click on UltraMon Options
  3. Click on Taskbar Extensions
  4. Change Mode to Standard

As you might have already noticed, vertical taskbars cant be resized to the width of the application icons. However, this can be fixed by using the “Enable Thinner Vertical Taskbars” option. With this option enabled, you will be able to resize vertical taskbars according to your preference.

How to remove taskbar on multi monitors

Ultramon Smart Taskbar lets you remove the start button from secondary taskbars or all taskbars. You can also choose to hide the taskbar from a specific monitor. This can be done by clicking on UltraMon Options> Ignored Monitors.

Using Ultramon Smart Taskbar on Windows 7

The user interface and features offered by Ultramon Smart taskbar on Windows 7 are slightly different. Standard Mode means the taskbar will only show applications open on that particular monitor. Needless to say, if you move an application to a different monitor, then the taskbar will be moved along with the application.

Meanwhile, the mirror mode will show a common taskbar on both the monitors. It is worth mentioning that UltraMon doesn’t replace the Windows taskbar; instead, it adds a taskbar. This means you can choose to use Windows 7 taskbar on one display while using UltraMon taskbar on the other.

Visit the homepage to download Smart Bar for Windows.

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