Ultimate Settings Panel: Shortcuts to Windows settings and tools

Ultimate Settings Panel,  like our freeware Windows Access Panel, is a one stop tool that provides you shortcuts to Windows and Outlook settings. It can help you open the settings more easily without wasting much time. There are shortcuts to numerous settings categorized under ‘Windows’, ‘General’, ‘Outlook’ and ‘ConfigMgr’. All the categories are discussed in detailed here in this post.

Ultimate Settings Panel for Windows

Ultimate Settings Panel for Windows

Under the Windows category, you get the shortcuts to essential Windows settings, like Action Center, Device Manager, Keyboard and Mouse settings, Windows Firewall, Windows Update, User Accounts and etc. There are around 40 shortcuts placed in this category. The shortcuts are really useful and I think we open some of them very frequently. They are all linked to one or the other Windows settings.

Under the General category, Shortcuts are provided to general system tools that we use frequently like Registry Editor, Recovery, Disk Clean-up, Task Manager, Windows Defender, Group Policy Editor, Parental Controls, UAC Settings and etc. Again there are around 40 shortcuts in this category all very useful.

The next category is Outlook, under this category you can find shortcuts to Outlook actions. Some of them are Clean Rules, Clean Reminders, Reset Navigation Pane, Reset Profiles, Clean Subscriptions, Import NK2, Repair PST and etc. 30 useful action and shortcuts are provided in this category.

The last category, ConfigMgr gives you shortcuts to 6 ConfigMgr actions including Program Download Monitor, CM Trace and etc.

USP Outlook

If you are not clear about functioning of any button, then you can simply click on the ‘Help’ menu and then choose ‘Button Functions’ to open the button dictionary and look for the meaning or the functioning of any button/shortcut.

The utility is worth the download, if you are a non-geek user or if you don’t prefer opening system tools by typing them into ‘Run’ then this tool is prefect for you. There are many shortcuts and they keep on increasing with every update. Shortcuts are categorized in a very good way and one must not face any problem while using this tool. If you open settings frequently then Ultimate Settings Panel is for you.

Click here to download Ultimate Settings Panel for Windows 8 / 7. Note that the download takes place via CNET, so remember to NOT click on the green download button, but to click on the Direct download link on the CNET page, lest you get straddled with a lot if unwanted crapware.

UPDATE BY ADMIN: In view of the comments, the download link has been removed. Use our clean freeware Windows Access Panel instead.

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