Best Twitter tips and tricks for better microblogging

After launching in 2006, as of now, Twitter has gained more than 313m monthly active users from across the globe. People have been using this microblogging platform to connect with employees, customers, citizens – and you name it! You can share almost anything including GIF, image, etc. Apart from text, you can create a poll as well. However, if you are a new Twitter user and want to be familiarized with this social networking site, do check out these Twitter tips and tricks to manage your account in a better way.

Twitter tips and tricks

1] Set up interest based tweets only

Twitter tips and tricks

By default, Twitter shows all the tweets from all the people you follow. However, sometimes, we do not want to see tweets from an individual category, and instead, we want to find more tweets related to a particular category to get the latest news.

To set that filter, Twitter has an important function that helps users refine their timeline to find interest based tweets. No matter, whether your followings are tweeting related to some other categories or not but you will keep getting tweets that you select. To do this, log into your Twitter account and then go to this page and select categories that you are interested in. Click the Continue button and filter your followings. After that, your timeline will be filled up with your interest based tweets.

2] Create Twitter Moments

Twitter tips and tricks

Back in 2015, Twitter launched a new feature called Moments for few Twitter users. However, now Twitter Moments is available for all the users across the globe.

Let’s assume that you want to show ten or twenty tweets related to a sports team or a certain topic to someone. Instead of sharing all those ten or twenty links, you can consolidate them under one roof, which is called Twitter Moments. Following that, you can share your Moments with anybody you want. If you need to add more tweets in your Moments, you can edit that accordingly. Open up your profile page and go to Moments tab. On your right-hand side; you can find Create New Moment button. Follow the screen option to add a cover photo, tweets and more.

3] Create private Twitter Moment

Create private Twitter moments Twitter tips and tricks

As mentioned in the above guide, you can share your Moments with anybody on Twitter. However, sometimes, you may not want that and instead you want to keep it private. For this, Twitter has a feature called Make Moment link only that helps users make the Moment private. Only those, who have your Moments link, can view the Moments. After turning on that function, you can find a unique URL of your Moments. Copy that and share it with anybody in private. Go to Edit the Moment > click on More button visible on top left corner > select Make Moment link only.

4] Advanced Twitter search

As a tweet can be customized in different ways, Twitter allows users to find that using different conditions. For example, you want to find tweets those were tweeted between a particular time span. Or, suppose you want to find tweets in a different language. All those things can be done either manually or using the Advanced Twitter Search Tool here.  If you want to utilize the manual method, head over to this Twitter search tips. article.

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5] Mute particular word or phrase

Twitter tips and tricks

Let’s assume that you have set up a Twitter account for your kid and obviously; you do not want to let him/her search for anything. You can block particular word or phrase. If you block a word, no tweet will be visible that contains that particular word or phrase. You can include as many words as you want in the list of “Muted Words”. To set that up, open up your Twitter account > go to

To set this up, open up your Twitter account > go to Settings > select Muted words from the left-hand side > enter words or phrases according to your wish in the empty box. In case, you want to unmute any word; you can click on the Unmute button visible next to the word.

6] Create Twitter widgets

create twitter widget Twitter tips and tricks

If you have a website or blog and want to show your latest activities on your website through Twitter, you can embed a widget. There are different types of widgets including profile, likes, list, collection, and search. You can choose any category according to your requirement and build the widget. Following that, copy the code and paste that where you want to show your widget. To set up a widget, go to

To set up a widget, go to Settings > Widgets > Create New > select a category > enter required info such as search query, theme, link color, height, etc. After clicking on the Create widget button, you, will get a code that you need to paste.

7] Enable 2-step verification

Like other online accounts, you can enable 2-step verification on Twitter as well. You need to enter a security code after entering the username and password. However, for that, you must have added your mobile number to your Twitter profile. To set up 2-factor authentication on Twitter, go to Security and privacy settings > make a tick in the Verify login requests checkbox > enter the code that Twitter has sent to your mobile number. That’s it!

8] Block anyone on Twitter

Block someone on twitter - Twitter tips and tricks

Like Facebook, you can block anybody on Twitter. There are many times, when you want and need to prevent someone from checking your account. For example, your Twitter account has some fake or inactive followers, and you do not want to keep them. At such moment, you can certainly block those accounts on Twitter. A blocked person cannot view your tweets or any other activity. To block someone, open the profile of that person > click on the

In sucah a case, you can certainly block those accounts on Twitter. A blocked person cannot view your tweets or any other activity. To block someone, open the profile of that person > click on the settings gear button > select Block @twitter_handle > hit the affirmative button to get it done.

9] Get notifications in email inbox

If you do not want to open Twitter frequently to check the notifications, you can set up email notification. Following that, Twitter will send all notifications to your email inbox. This is possible to get notification for following reasons,

  • Someone likes your tweets
  • You’re mentioned by someone
  • Retweets
  • You’re followed by someone
  • Direct message

And more. To set it up, go to the Email notifications settings and select the conditions. That’s it! Following that, Twitter will start sending all the notifications to your inbox.

More other things can be done on Twitter to use it as a microblogging platform. If you are new, these Twitter tips and tricks will help you to get started. For your information, Twitter has begun verifying accounts openly, and you can get your Twitter account verified as well. Follow @TheWindowsClub on Twitter to stay in touch with us.

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