How to turn your Phone into a Microphone for PC

However expensive our computers might be, they lack a good quality microphone. Since the microphone is very rarely used on Desktops and Laptops, manufacturers tend to use low-quality microphones in their products. On the other hand, our mobile phones have a very good quality microphone that comes with noise cancellation and other functions.

So, if you want to record some audio on your computer, you must have a good quality mic connected to it. You can always consider buying a new a mic – but have you considered using your phone’s good quality microphone for recording audio on your computer? This post talks about a free utility called Wo Mic that lets you use your mobile’s microphone as a virtual mic on Windows PC.

Wo Mic is a freeware for Windows that lets you use your Android or iPhone‘s microphone as a virtual microphone

Use your Phone’s microphone on Windows PC

How to turn your Phone into a Microphone for PC

The steps are simple; you need to install a server and a Wo Mic client and get the connection straight. We have discussed the procedure in detail as follows.

The first step here would be setting up Wo Mic Server. Instead of creating a server on your PC, Wo Mic prefers to create it on your phone. Head over to Google Play Store or Apple AppStore and download Wo Mic.

Open the application, give it permissions to record audio from your device. Hit the Settings icon in the header. Now tap on Transport and select the medium through which you want to stream your microphone’s content. The available options are Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct. You can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi but if you want the best quality with less audio lag, then go for USB. For initiating a connection with USB, you must have USB Debugging enabled on your Android device.

Once you’ve selected an appropriate transport, make sure both PC and Mobile are connected. If you selected Wi-Fi, make sure both devices are on the same network. Hit the Play button from the mobile application to start the server.

Now head over to Wo Mic homepage and download Wo Mic client for Windows. Additionally, also download Wo Mic Virtual Device Driver for Windows. Install both of them and run Wo Mic Client on your PC.

Click on Connection and then click on Connect. Choose your transport medium and connect the client to the server. For Bluetooth, you need to pair the devices and select the device from a dropdown. For USB, you just need to have the device connected via USB. And for Wi-Fi, you need to enter the phone’s local IP address. And for Wi-Fi Direct, you must ensure that your computer is connected to the phone’s hotspot.

Once the devices are connected, you will be able to see a virtual Wo Mic inside Sound Settings of your computer. This virtual mic can be used with any application for audio recording or any other activity involving mic. You can also directly play mic input on speakers using an inbuilt feature in Wo Mic Client.

You’d be very surprised with the microphone quality and the low latency that it has to offer. The best part about Wo Mic is the virtual mic that it creates on your computer. A virtual mic can be used with any application. It will just act like a normal mic connected to your computer and all the applications should work fine.

Wo Mic is a great freeware for Windows and your mobile devices. It lets you use your phone’s high-quality microphone on your Windows computer. This application is useful for audio/video professionals who are looking for a high-quality mic available on the go. You can download it from its homepage.

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