How to turn on or off Mobile Hotspot remotely in Windows 10

Microsoft has added support in Windows 10 for turning Mobile Hotspot remotely on and off. Though the Mobile Hotspot feature (earlier known as Virtual Networks) was introduced with the initial release of Windows 10 this feature was added recently. With this Turn on remotely feature for Mobile Hotspot on Windows 10, any user can use Bluetooth on their mobile phones to remotely turn the Mobile Hotspot on or off.

Turn on or off Mobile Hotspot remotely

Turn on or off Mobile Hotspot remotely

We will be checking out two ways to remotely turn Mobile Hotspot Remotely feature on Windows 10:

  1. Using the Windows 10 Settings App.
  2. Using the Windows Registry Editor.

1] Using the Windows 10 Settings App

Open the Windows 10 Settings app > Network & Internet > Mobile Hotspot.

Scroll to the section of Turn on remotely.

For the option of Allow another device to turn on mobile hotspot, make sure that the Bluetooth of both devices turned on and be paired, toggle the button is set to On.

This will enable the Turn Mobile Hotspot Remotely feature.

2] Use the Windows Registry Editor

Open the Windows 10 Registry Editor and navigate to the following path:


For the DWORD RemoteStartupDisabled, set the Value data to be to Enable the feature. Set the Value data to 1 to Disable it.

I hope this tutorial is useful to you.

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