Troubleshoot issues with Windows Live Messenger on Windows PC


  1. Live Messenger is a mega pain in the butt! I have 4 different Win 7-64 machines with it installed for evaluation and you’d think it’s actually 4 different programs. I kid you not. How is that even possible? Good luck initiating a video call. Some machines can initiate calls and others can’t except to certain other ones, etc. It’s like a bad joke. This is the kind of thing MSFT needs to be focusing a great deal of their attention upon and instead, there busy doing what exactly besides destroying Windows Home Server by ripping out drive extender and replacing Mesh with crippled, poor replica in Live Mesh.

    Honestly, I could run Microsoft better as a part-time CEO.

  2. PS – in all sincerity, I appreciate your attempt to help get this basic app running properly but, it should never, ever, ever be necessary to cripple the security features of the OS or tweak the registry to get an app written by the same company as the OS to work half as good as 3rd part apps. I mean, if I were Ballmer. a Board Member or in Senior Management at Microsoft, I’d be embarrassed and contemplate my own leadership ability that would lead to this situation with such a key, basic and decade-old app.

  3. when I open windows live messenger a pop up tells me that there is a new edition and to get it now so I click on the button it then starts trhe download then starts to install it and gets up to 23% installed and goes no ferther have tried a number of times but stops at 23% is there a known problem with it

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