Tron Script: Scan, Clean and Disinfect your computer with one tool

Is your Windows computer running slow, or is it infected? You can probably download an antivirus and start scanning for malware or download any other clean-up tool. But what if you have limited or no internet connectivity at all. There must be some way to fix your computer without downloading any additional software or updates from the internet. In this post, we’ve covered a collection of batch scripts called Tron. Tron is like the swiss army knife of antivirus and clean-up tools that are capable of scanning cleaning or disinfecting your computer.

Tron Script Review

Despite its script-like form-factor, Tron is easy to execute and comes packaged in one executable file. It is completely portable and does not require an internet connection at all. Which explains its relatively bigger size of around 600 MBs. Tron does not have any dependencies on the internet and can be used to clean a computer with slow or no internet.

As mention, Tron is a collection of tools and scripts that run in a particular order to clean and disinfect your computer. The order of script is preserved by nine stages, each of which aims at a particular cleaning action. The stages are covered as below:

Prep: In this stage, Tron will prepare the computer for further stages. It will perform tasks such as creating a system restore point, creating a backup of the registry and kill essential processes. This is the most important stage as it ensures everything is backed up before Tron makes changes to your system.

TempClean: In this stage, the program tries to remove all useless temporary data from your computer. It will delete most of the temporary files, logs, update cache, etc. The most important part of this stage is CCleaner. Tron will automatically run CCleaner on your computer without installing or setting up additional software.

De-bloat: This stage will remove all the OEM bloatware that came preinstalled in your system. This feature is completely customizable, and you can define what applications should be removed and what should be preserved.Tron Script Review

Disinfect: This is perhaps the most important stage. Tron comes preloaded with three most popular antivirus engines, namely Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, Sophos Virus Removal Tool, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Tool. It will run all three of them on your computer to ensure that there is no virus or malware on your computer. This stage might take a little longer as it involves scanning the entire computer and then removing files.

Repair: Once all the virus and vulnerabilities have been removed, it is time to fix the computer. In this stage, the program would repair the registry and reset file system permissions. It will also execute commands such as sfc /scannow, chkdsk in the background automatically.

Patch: Patch stage is designed to update some of the essential software such as 7-Zip, Java, and Adobe Reader and later it proceeds to install Windows Updates.

Optimize: This stage tries to speed up your computer by running disk defragmentation, resetting page file, and executing other similar tasks.

Wrap-up: In this stage, Tron won’t perform anything on your system but will generate a report. You can also configure Tron so send this report as an email to you. This feature is very helpful if you want to monitor what changes were made by Tron to your computer.

Manual-Stuff: This is not exactly a stage in the script, but this includes some essential cleaning utilities such as adware cleaners, junk removers, and MBR rootkit removers.

Tron is a useful tool for Windows users; it does a lot of tasks under the hood to ensure your computer keeps running fast. Tron is a relatively larger tool and also takes a lot of time to complete executing the scripts. So, it is recommended to run the tool when you do not want to use your computer for some time. Also, the computer might restart several times during the entire process. If you usually face slow computing speed, virus, bloatware on your Windows computer, you should consider keeping a copy of Tron on your computer. Click here to download Tron.

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