Top 5 Food, Nutrition and Diet apps for Windows 10

They say you are what you eat. Diet is the most important part of any fitness program, and even in general, a balanced or monitored diet is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Now the problem is that while everyone understands the importance of a healthy diet, few gather the willpower to follow a schedule as intended. While we have diet charts and routines to follow, it would be difficult to carry a paper along with you. This is where apps specifically designed to assist people with their diet programs to become useful.

Food, Nutrition & Diet apps for Windows 10

Here are the top 5 free diet apps for Windows 10 systems.

Food DiaryFood, Nutrition and Diet apps for Windows 10As the name suggests, Food Diary helps users create their diet plan and keep track of what they eat. The purpose of the app is to guilt trick a person to not overeat. The app could be used offline and can accommodate up to 8 meals a day. Since Food Diary supports a large food database, we could plan any possible diet with the software.

The app has everything a people trying to maintain a diet would need, and is thus a must for anyone willing to initiate a healthy lifestyle. Food Diary is simple to use and doesn’t need any sign-up or accounts. Simply download it from the Microsoft Store and start using it.

My Cholesterol Table

My Cholesterol Table

While everyone should consider a diet plan, but if you suffer from high cholesterol, following a rigid diet plan is important. The reason is that bad cholesterol could clog the arteries, thus causing a heart attack.

Monitoring cholesterol isn’t as easy as avoiding saturated fats, because almost every food item has some quantity of such fat and we might not know about it. To make sure you aren’t eating wrong, it would be advisable to get your diet figured out by a dietician or follow the advice mentioned in the My Cholesterol Table app free of cost. Grab it now from the Microsoft Store here.

Diz-DietDiz-DietDiz-Diet is one of the most sophisticated diet apps available on the Microsoft Store. The ad-free software includes every known diet plan, including Keto diet and Paleo diet plans. Users could also make personalized plans on the app.

The best part with Diz-Diet is the variety it offers. Eg. They have plans for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, for the over-weight and the under-weight, for active people and those living a sedentary lifestyle. The app could be downloaded from here.

Calories PRO!

Calories PRO

The Calories PRO app is a simple and light software which has a list of more than 2200 products with their calorie ratings. Users could make their own diet plans after checking their calorie requirements. The app offers a BMI, WHR, and body fat calculator and a chart to check the ideal body weight targets. After that, users could form their diet plan as per the intended calorie requirements.

Calories PRO! App’s popularity is more because of the flexibility it offers since the plans we make are all of our own simply targeting the calorie requirements. Get the app now from the Microsoft Store here.

Mediterranean dietMediterranean dietOne reason I included this app base on a less known diet plan is that the plan actually works. The Mediterranean diet plan isn’t a specialized one to lose weight or achieve any target, but simply includes the generic diet schedules of the people of Italy and Greece back in the 1960’s. They were considered the healthiest of people across the globe in that era, all thanks to the Mediterranean diet plan.

This app brings the secret out for people who wish to follow that lifestyle. Mediterranean diet could be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

Which app would you prefer to download for planning your diet?

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