Tips for using Outlook People web app to manage contacts

Microsoft People aka Outlook People is a popular app among Windows users because Microsoft has included the People app into the latest Windows version. If you have a Windows Phone, you have been using the “People” app as your “Contacts.” Outlook People is a quite a good contact management app that helps you move contacts from one mobile to another mobile or PC. If you use this app, your contacts won’t be deleted, unless you remove them manually. Here are few tips and tricks for Outlook People web app to manage contacts in a better way.

Tips for Outlook People web app

For your information, the following tips are meant for the web version of People app, which is a part of Office Online, that can be found here:

1] Create contact list

Outlook People web app

Let’s say you have 200 contacts saved in your mobile phone. Some of them are friends, family members, colleagues, etc. It is quite difficult to manually organize your contacts when you have so many of them.

It is possible to create a custom list and add contacts to connect with them quickly. For doing so, open the Outlook People web app in your browser > click on New > Contact list. On the next screen, enter the list name, contact/s and hit Save. To manage your lists, select “Sort by list” option.

2] Restore deleted contacts

Tips and tricks of Outlook People

If you have mistakenly deleted a contact from your Windows Phone, there is nothing to worry about, since it is possible to restore deleted contacts right from the web version of Outlook People. Open the People website > click on Manage > select Restore deleted contacts. Aa popup window will open and restore all the contacts immediately. However, you cannot recover contacts that have been deleted more than 30 days ago.

3] Import/Export contacts

Tips and tricks of Outlook People

In case you want to create a backup of your contacts on your computer, here is the simple solution that will let you export and import contacts according to your requirements. You can export contact to CSV format as well as choose anyone among Facebook Contacts, Skype Contacts, Twitter Contacts or All. To do so, click on

You can export contact to CSV format as well as choose anyone among Facebook Contacts, Skype Contacts, Twitter Contacts or All. To do so, click on Manage > select Import contacts/Export contacts. If you have chosen Import Contacts, you can have the option to choose the source. On the other hand, if you want to Export Contacts, you will get some options like I said before.

4] Add contacts to Favorites

Tips and tricks of Outlook People

You can add any contact to Favorites. By doing so, you will see all those contacts at the top of the list. You can use the same trick on Windows Phone. However, if you have opened Outlook People on your computer, select a contact that you want to add to Favorites and select the checkbox against it. Following that, click on Add to Favourites.

5] Remove duplicate contacts

Tips and tricks of Outlook People

Duplicate contacts may distract you while trying to find a particular person. It is possible to remove duplicate contacts one by one, but that will consume a lot of time. instaed, you can open Outlook People > select Manage > Clean up contacts. It will take few minutes based on the number of contacts, and delete all duplicate contacts right away.

Outlook People is a very useful contact management app and I am sure that you will find these tips useful.

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  1. Hotn Chill

    Yes good tips to gothrough outlook to manage contact

  2. Jitters

    One huge fault though. You STILL can’t assign a picture to a Contact yourself.

  3. Changez Yusuf Mumtaz

    When can we get custom fields?

  4. Changez Yusuf Mumtaz

    Really? Still?

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