Manage your Contacts and Addresses efficiently on Windows PC


  1. I have exported the 835 contacts from my iPhone to a .vcf file. When I open this file using Windows Contacts, I see each contact displayed (in some random order), with the option of “Add to my contacts”. If I “X” out of a contact, or click “Cancel”, the next contact in the file is displayed. There seems to be no way to shut this down, short of shutting down the computer. When I do restart the computer, it is in fact stopped, but how do I stop it without shutting down the computer? Compounding this issue is the fact that each contact is displayed in a slightly different position on the screen, so I can’t just hold the cursor in the spot where the “X” appears and click away. In Task Manager, each contact appears as a Task under Applications, and if I End that task, the next one appears. The mother process appears to be wab.exe, and ending that does in fact end the endless march of vCards, but is this a safe way to end it?

  2. All I want to know, and no one seems to answer to the “Point”. Is why do I have 2 or 3 duplicates in my Contacts? And how to Delete duplicates in mass. Not one at the time.
    Your cohirent input much apreciated.

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