Tips for a more pleasant shared internet connection at home

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  1. Hi Lee and everyone

    I have found that it is always better to try to use an explanation in terms that the person i am explaining a subject to can relate to more easily;

    for example I noticed that you are a painter and i would say to you that if six people are trying to take paint from one tin all at the same time then they all need to have thinner brushes and that way they can all get into the tin at the same time and then also the amount of paint they are taking out on each brush would not be overly excessive in comparison to the others.

    Plus if one person was using an enormous brush that wouldn’t fit in the tin not only would they not be able to get into the tin themselves but while they were trying to do so they would prevent others from getting into it also.

    I know it may sound like I’m trying to teach my Granny to suck eggs but sometimes people are sitting so close to the screen that they are not seeing the overall picture about a pc that includes the plugs the wiring and the power station that feeds the current etc etc and they need to have the subject broached from a completely different angle to engage their minds in a fresh way about the subject.

    Even my 8year old son understood about depreciating bandwidth etc when I explained it in terms of water pressure coming out of different taps around the house and what happens when they are all on at the same time.

    Anyway I enjoyed the topic as I can definitely relate to what is happening in your household at the moment because it is pretty much the same in ours all the time with 2 adults 4 teenagers and two under 10s all clamouring for their time and space on all the gadgets as well as the 5 pcs and laptops around the home.

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