Unblock or delete locked or protected files on Windows using ThisIsMyFile

Have you ever encountered a locked file on Windows? Windows will usually lock some files that are being used by other programs. Or there might be another reason that you are getting this message repeatedly when you are trying to access a file of yours. This is a common issue, and there are several ways to delete undeletable files – but the one we are going to talk about in this post is using a freeware called ThisIsMyFile.

ThisIsMyFile for Windows PC

Unblock or delete locked or protected files on Windows using ThisIsMyFile

ThisIsMyFile is a freeware that lets you unblock or delete any locked files on your computer. The program is offered in both installer and portable variants and works with almost all types of files. It is a very simple to use alternative to conventional methods of unblocking a file.

Unblock or delete locked or protected files

To get started, all you need to do is run the tool and browse for the file you are trying to unblock. Once selected, you can click on only info button to view whether the file is blocked or not. This comes handy as it lets you have a look beforehand about the current status of the file. Along with the status, the program will also display what process is using the file.

You can directly open Task Manager and kill that process if it is not important. Or you can use the tool itself to create an unblocked copy of the file. Make sure you have the file selected, and now you may click on unblock button. Once the unlocking process is completed, you will get a message saying Unblock Ok. This means, now you can use your file and open it with other applications and also modify it.

If the file is not unblockable somehow but contains sensitive information, there is also an option to delete it directly. ThisIsMyFile supports deleting files in more than one way. Either you can delete the file by using the Delete button. Or if the program is still not able to delete it, you can use more powerful Reboot & Delete to delete the file. This option would ensure the file is deleted but will restart your computer in the process. This method also requires admin privileges, and there is also an option available that can toggle immediate restart.

There is one more delete mode available, and it is called Reboot & Delete without query which means that the program will not check if the file is locked or not before deleting. It will directly proceed to delete the file and restart your computer.

Under the extras, you can also find an option to add ThisIsMyFile to send to explorer menu or explorer context menu. This makes the tool more accessible from any folder. You can simply right-click a file and open the application with the selected file already in place.

ThisIsMyFile is a great portable utility to unblock or delete locked files. Some files are easy to access and take no time to unlock. But some files are being used by more stubborn processes and might require a restart to get unlocked. ThisIsMyFile covers all the possible scenarios and provides all the relevant options that are required. It is available for download here.

There are some more free File Deleter software available, and you may want to check them out as well.

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