The Default Location Control Panel applet in Windows 7

Windows 7 Control Panel has an applet called as the Default location. This Default Location, stores your Geo Location, ie your Zip code, Country, Latitude &  Longitude.

default location in windows 7

Default Location Control Panel applet

You can enter a default location that programs can use to customize information and services for you based on your location. For example, a program can use your default location to find movie theaters and restaurants that are close to you.

The default location is only used when a program requests your current location and it cannot find a location sensor. The location sensor may be unavailable or not installed on your computer.

To provide a general location:

  1. Click to open Default Location.
  2. Enter a postal code.
  3. Click Apply.

To provide a precise location:

  1. Click to open Default Location.
  2. Under More information, enter an address.
  3. Click Apply.

Some programs may use the default location in a way that affects your privacy. For example, some programs send location information across wired or wireless networks. To prevent programs from sending your default location across a network, you can delete the location information in Control Panel.

To delete all location information:

At the bottom of the page, click Delete this information.

This post shows how to set Default Location of your PC in Windows 10.

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