Test your hearing with freeware Ear Test

Think you are hard of hearing and want to test your hearing at home before you decide to go to a Doctor? Ear test by Johannes Wallroth, is designed to give you a quick test of your ear’s capabilities to hear all frequencies of the audible spectrum, separately for each ear.

Test your hearing

The program is designed to give you a quick test of your ear’s capabilities to hear all frequencies of the audible spectrum, separately for each ear. You can measure with good accuracy up to which frequency you can hear and compare your result with those of your friends and family. The upper frequency limit of the human ears is strongly dependent on a person’s age. A child can usually hear frequencies of up to 20,000 Hz (oscillations per second), while for an old person it can be as low as 5,000 Hz and even lower. For a middle-aged person (40 years), a frequency of 14,000 Hz is an average value. Some people can have “holes” in their hearing spectrum, due to inner ear injuries – this can also be checked.

Please be careful, when you are using this program with headphones (which is recommended)! Always start with a low volume. This program can potentially damage your hearing, when you turn up the volume too much, although the maximum possible value of this program is not very high, in comparison to the maximum possible value of sounds on your PC in general. However, I must write this warning to be on the safe side. It is recommended to first start the program, so the sound is already coming from the headphones, before you slowly put them on your head – so you can adjust the volume, if necessary. The program is not intended to replace a professional ear test at a doctor’s office.

Start with a medium frequency, which can easily be heard at low volume levels (default is 2,000 Hz). Now push the “Start” button. An intermediate beeping sinus sound will now be audible from your left speaker (a good headphone is strongly recommended for an accurate testing result). Now turn down the volume of your computer speakers until the sound is barely audible. You now have a reference for the volume control and can begin testing. For each frequency you can press the button “I can hear it!” – but you must turn down the volume until the sound is barely audible. Then step up or down to the next test frequency. You can choose the step with the “Step” selector: 10 Hz (very fine), 100 Hz (medium) and 1,000 Hz (or 1 kHz, rough). Each time you press “I can hear it!”, a graph is drawn into the chart at the bottom of the program window.

In the critical high frequencies, you can choose a finer grid and for the medium frequencies a rough one (1,000 Hz). When you have finished testing one ear, you can switch to the other one and repeat the test. The chart will give you a good impression of your hearing curve, provided that the sound card in your computer and your headphones can reproduce a linear sound spectrum.

Download: Brothersoft.

Its an interesting app where not only can you test your hearing, but also see, er I mean hear how sound sounds at different frequencies.

If you wish to test your hearing online, you can do so, here.

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