Iris software will help protect your Eyes and maintain Eye Health when using the computer

With computers at almost every workplace, eye strain has become a major health complaint. May it be a school or a workplace, we have the computers everywhere, and this is the reason that almost every one of us has the eye strain issues. While using a proper light, limiting computer usage and exercising are some of the best ways to avoid the eyes strain, but it’s easier said than done in this jet age. There are some good applications and programs which help us maintain our eye-health. Iris is one such app which helps us adjusting the screen brightness and taking breaks.

Iris Eye Protection Software

Iris helps you to adjust the screen brightness and also reminds you to take breaks after a set span of time. It is a simple program and comes with a sleek interface. The main overview gives you all, where you can adjust the configurations. The software comes with nine free presets – Health, Reading, Programming, Biohacker, Sunglasses, Dark, Movie, and Overlay.

Als, there are three different modes- automatic, manual and paused.

  • Automatic Mode– If you select the automatic mode, the program automatically detects the light around you and dims the brightness of your screen accordingly so as to soothe your eyes while working on your computer.
  • Manual– Under manual mode, of course, you have to choose the type manually out of the nine given presets.
  • Paused– This mode pauses the program temporarily, and you can turn it ON anytime you want.

How Iris Helps

  • Iris, the freeware helps you maintain good eye health. It reduces eye strain while working on computers for continuous long hours. It optimizes the screen by controlling the brightness without PWM which prevents eye strains and reduces headaches.
  • It automatically adapts the light around you and matches your screen brightness accordingly which reduces eyes pain and also keeps your eyes soothe while working on computers for long hours.
  • Iris regulates the blue lights which further will help your body to produce more melatonin during the night, and you will get a good sleep which is again proportionate to good health.

Features of Iris

  • Adapts the lights around you automatically
  • Reduces the eyes strain during your long work hours on computers.
  • Transforms your PC screen into a book in the reading mode.
  • Gives perfect black screen for programming.
  • Helps to keep your eyes healthy.
  • The Sunglasses mode gives you a flicker-free brightness.
  • Dark mode lowers the lightness without changing the brightness.
  • Special red and black screen on Biohacker mode.
  • A brighter screen for watching movies.
  • Overlay mode is perfect for the USB monitors.

Iris comes with a handy solution to all those who are worried about their eye health due to prolonged use of computers. It helps you adjust the temperature, color, and brightness of your computer screen and make sure you don’t get your eyes strained.

Iris offers a free version as well as a paid version – but the free version should be good enough for most users. You can download the tool from

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