Tencent PC Manager: Free Antivirus for Windows

Tencent PC Manager is a new free antivirus software for Windows that claims to have the largest security cloud base, the best anti-virus engine and seven international authoritative certification. It offers strong protection from computer viruses, spyware, malware, rootkits, and other emerging threats. The application detects and fixes safety as well as performance issues encountered on your Windows PC. Let us review it and have a look at some of its features.

Tencent PC Manager

Tencent PC Manager

Tencent, in case you did not know, is China’s largest and most used Internet service portal and the fifth-largest Internet company in the world after Google, Amazon, Alibaba, and Ebay.

Tencent PC Manager makes use of the following to detect malware on your Windows computer:

  1. Tencent cloud
  2. Tencent Antivirus engine
  3. Avira antivirus engine
  4. Tencent system repair engine

A nifty feature of Tencent PC Manager is that it constantly keeps a hawk eye on your computer and as soon as you download a file off the Internet, it thoroughly examines its contents, just to notify you if any suspicious component is detected.

The application promises a faster scan using fewer system resources, and real-time protection by instantly identifying and blocking new threats as soon as they appear. In addition to above, PC Manager includes anti-phishing, link scanner, secure browsing, webcam protection, USB protection, and hacking detection protection modules.

Apart from Quick Scanning, the Custom analysis lets you check the drives and folders you are interested in, as well as the PC areas that are usually most vulnerable: system memory, system and Internet Explorer settings, startup apps, frequently used programs or hijacked system software.

The settings menu houses the following tabs,

  • General Settings – Lets you enable self-defense to avoid Trojan attacks.

Tencent PC mnager Settings

  • Antivirus settings – Allows you to add programs to the White-list that can be ignored from scanning when the PC Manager starts.

Tencent Pc Manager Settings 2

  • Real-Time Protection – Allows you to take action on threat detection.

Tencent PC Manager Settings 3

  • Download Protection – Flashes security prompt on dangerous files.

Tencent PC Manager Settings 4

The only disappointment you come across while using the application, there is no scheduled scan so you need to do it manually. Apart from this, Tencent PC Manager integrates well in the context menu of Windows Explorer and lets you effortlessly scan whatever file or folder you select.

Visit its home page if you want to read more about it and download it.

Tencent is China’s largest and most used Internet service portal and the fifth-largest Internet company in the world after Google, Amazon, Alibaba, and Ebay. Microsoft also recently announced a strategic partnership with Tencent. If your Chrome gives you a warning, it could be a false positive.

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  1. DutchPete

    Why would you want to be able to schedule a scan? The app gives real-time, continuous protection.

  2. Heimen Stoffels

    It looks very good! But is it any lightweight? I’m currently using Bitdefender Free and it’s very lightweight on my Surface Pro 3. If Tencent is just as lightweight, then I’m considering switching.

  3. Heimen Stoffels

    It doesn’t even want to install. Whatever location I choose, it says that it can’t be installed there :/

  4. BlueParrot86

    this antivirus looks like Baidu… get 360 ts 😉

  5. Artex

    Now with 360 has all this ads and became commercial? this one looks so much better suddenly

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