TAudioConverter, a free audio converting software for Windows


  1. This is good, now i don’t need the free version of someting that only takes half of my songs and stops in the middle, and doesn’t give me the whole songs 😀 Thanks

  2. Going to give this a try, like seeing different AAC codecs; some apps I’ve been using lately to convert audio give okay sound, but aren’t converting to bitrates as I set them. Thanks!

  3. @Dan: “portable version from portableapps.com; theirs is a 35.6MB download”

    There are portable versions of TAudioConverter from the developer. For the latest v 0.9.8, the 64-bit portable is 20.7 MB (EXE), while the 32-bit portable is 19.6 MB (EXE):

    PortableApps’ repackaged .PAF.EXE version of TAudioConverter consists of both 32 & 64-bit programs (the paths are adjusted according to your OS bit’ness during “installation”), as well as PortableApp’s own launcher (“installer”). Hence the significantly larger size (36 MB download, 73 MB installed).

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