Tails Live Operating System helps preserve Privacy & Anonymity

Do you know you can use a USB stick or DVD to anonymize, encrypt, and hide everything you actually do on a computer?  Yes, it is possible, and the answer is Tails Live Operating System. Tails is a Debian- based Open Source live operating system which allows a user to “browse without leaving a trace”.  This live operating system can be started on almost any computer simply from a DVD, USB stick, or an SD card. In this write up we aim to list out the features of Tails, this will help end number of readers understand how Tails live operating system powers them to perform secure and anonymous browsing.

Tails Live Operating System

tails operating system

The core purpose of Tails live operating system is that it is immensely secure. It is a live OS with many security features which helps the user to protect their privacy and anonymity. Tails use untraceable Internet connectivity through Tor and I2P networks; through this, a user can have secret live sessions anywhere and on any computer without anyone knowing about it.

To create live sessions, the user needs to make a LiveCD or Flash drive of Tails. Post this they need to simply plug it and boot on any PC. Once the user is done with the live session with Tails live operating system, this software automatically wipes out all the information about the browsing session which means it doesn’t leave any trace about the session on the host PC.

There are many online tasks which demand secured environments, with tails live sessions the user can perform business works, online payment and shopping without any privacy and security issues.

Tails OS security features

  1. Total network protection

Tails live operating system upholds anonymity and privacy of its users by allowing all the internet connections through Tor network only. Any unknown connection coming to the Tails network is straight away blocked as all internet connections in Tails are go through the Tor network. Users are totally protected from any type of network monitoring done by websites.

  1. Option to connect to I2P network

Tails live operating system also allows the user to choose to communicate through I2P (Invisible Internet Project) networks. These I2P networks also enable anonymous web surfing, chatting, and other communications over the Internet.

  1. Encrypted communications

Communications to most of the websites involve encryption this is done with the use of HTTPS protocol.

  1. Encrypt your USB sticks and external hard drives

Encrypt your USB sticks and external hard drives with tails. The software uses Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) algorithm for encryption.

  1. Persistent storage feature

Tails live operating system also offers has a provision for Persistent storage feature on live USB; this allows users to store their important app and personal data on it. The user can also save important documents across multiple live sessions.

  1. Fearless browsing

Tails live session powers you to browse fearlessly. Perform any business task or online shopping without any fear being monitored.

  1. Block websites or scripts

Tor network automatically notifies the users you about any website trying to collect personal data while browsing the internet. The user can immediately block that particular script or even website.

  1. Highly flexible

Tails live system is highly flexible as allows the user the freedom to create secure live sessions on almost any PC and almost everywhere.

Tails live operating system is designed to create multiple live sessions on any PC. The best part about this software is that the OS underlying the host PC cannot track the activities on Tails.

Tails is one of the most secure ways to communicate over the internet and also to maintain your anonymity and confidentiality. With Tails relay your internet connection through the Tor network and become untraceable. You can read more about it on their website.

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  1. esubio maldia

    So, why not just use the Tor browser? Reading on the web site reveals that this is just a portable OS that allows you to access the Tor network. Any Windows based apps one has installed won’t work on this system until after you reboot to get rid of it.

    Seems like a lot of work to get something that is no better than simply using the Tor browser and network. A BIG “meh!” from me.

  2. neighborhoodbaker

    You dont think microsoft tracks everything you do when using windows even if you use Tor? You don’t think google tracks everything you do if you have used google chrome just once, even if you use Tor? You don’t think the NSA or other nefarious agency could track everything on you’re computer even with tor? Tor browser just covers internet browsing traffic, tails covers everything. So if you say, wanted to send bitcoin from your hardware wallet to an online wallet, normally your ip and other metadata would get loaded on the blockchain for that transaction. But tails would give a fake ip and other metadata, because tails obfuscates that connection metadata.

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