Tails Live Operating System helps preserve Privacy & Anonymity


  1. So, why not just use the Tor browser? Reading on the web site reveals that this is just a portable OS that allows you to access the Tor network. Any Windows based apps one has installed won’t work on this system until after you reboot to get rid of it.

    Seems like a lot of work to get something that is no better than simply using the Tor browser and network. A BIG “meh!” from me.

  2. You dont think microsoft tracks everything you do when using windows even if you use Tor? You don’t think google tracks everything you do if you have used google chrome just once, even if you use Tor? You don’t think the NSA or other nefarious agency could track everything on you’re computer even with tor? Tor browser just covers internet browsing traffic, tails covers everything. So if you say, wanted to send bitcoin from your hardware wallet to an online wallet, normally your ip and other metadata would get loaded on the blockchain for that transaction. But tails would give a fake ip and other metadata, because tails obfuscates that connection metadata.

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