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Alt1: Open Source scientific Calculator for Windows.

The Calculator is the most basic tool included in all of the devices these days, but computers were originally developed to perform complex calculations. In this post, we are going to talk about a tool which does nothing different. Alt1 […]

How to use the new Windows 10 Calculator

Windows 10 comes with a new interface and almost every app has a new look now. Opening an app is easy. You just need to type the first few initials of the app name in the search bar and you […]

Windows 10 Phone Calculator app brings rich features

The calculator app in Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 are pretty basic. Microsoft has shipped a new calculator app in Windows 10. The new calculator app is feature rich and is greatly enhanced when compared to its predecessors.¬† The presence […]

How to use Windows Calculator to convert Decimal to Binary

How to use Windows Calculator to convert Decimal to Binary

You can use the built-in Calculator in Windows 8 / 7 to carry out Decimal to Binary conversions. The Windows Calculator file, calc.exe is located in the System32 folder. To open it, type calc.exe in the start search bar and […]

Use Windows Calculator to perform Date calculations

Are you eager to know how many days are left to attend your favorite concert? Do you want to know how many days have been passed since your last birthday? If so, then the built-in Windows Calculator would answer your […]

Add Windows Calculator to Excel Quick Access Toolbar

At times, while working on an Excel sheet we run into a situation where we require the use of Windows calculator to perform quick calculations. The calculations do not necessarily require a special formula, but simple arithmetic operation. The need […]

CalcuTray: A Calculator for Windows 7, which stores calculation history

CalcuTray is a small and very interesting application for those who use Windows Calculator frequently. Windows Calculator can perform all the basic calculations but cannot store the history of the results. Unlike Windows Calculator, CalcuTray can also¬†store history part, quite […]

Aero Glass applications for Windows 7

For the Aero Glass fans out there, here are some smart replacement applications with the glassy aero look for your Windows 7 & Vista : A Notepad, Calculator & a Command Prompt. Download and use them to give a smart […]

Windows 7 Calculator

In Windows 7, several new functions have been added. The calculator can be operated in 4 modes: Standard, Scientific, Programmer & Statistics. Windows 7 Calculator Its interface has been divided into three areas. These are: Calculation history Current calculation Special […]