Enable History feature and keep Record of calculations in Windows 10 Calculator

The Calculator application in Windows 10 appears simple, but is yet powerful, as it houses some standard, scientific, and programmer modes, as well as a unit converter. It emerges as the perfect choice for preparing a bill, converting measurements in a recipe or other project, or doing some brain-scratching complex math, algebra, or geometry problems. Besides this, it is also equipped with a History feature that makes it easier for users to confirm if they have entered numbers correctly.

Show History feature in Windows 10 Calculator

Sometimes it becomes essential for users to keep a record of the calculations they performed so that they can refer it and make corrections wherever necessary, in case something goes wrong. For instance, you are making a report on accounts and tallying numbers, you may want to turn on the history function.

Type ‘Calculator’ in the taskbar search bar and select the top result to open the Calculator. To keep records of your calculations, you will have to enable the History feature.

Windows 10 Calculator

Enabling the History feature in the Windows 10 Calculator makes the app work like a desktop calculator with the built-in printer. You can see all the steps completed.

If you make a mistake somewhere, you can easily pinpoint the problem. For turning on or showing the History feature in Windows 10 Calculator, click on the View History icon on top right and the History panel will open. Or else press the CTRL+H keys together.

If you resize the calculator, the bottom panel moves to the right side where you will see tabs for Memory and History as well.

Enable History feature in Windows 10 Calculator

Right-click on the calculator application opened on your computer screen to display the options to:

  • Copy
  • Paste

Using ‘Copy’ you can paste your calculation history into any other program or use it in a spreadsheet. ‘Paste’ will let you copy and paste entries from the History into your main calculation window.

Click on the Trash icon in bottom right corner to Clear history

You can also use the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+D to delete the history.

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Post updated on 7th Sept 2016.

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  1. N1njaSt0rm

    there is no view tab!

  2. Marvin Philip Jr.

    there is no view tab, no up/down arrow, no way to edit history

  3. Looks like some things changed maybe. Post updated.

  4. Marvin Shook

    keep going…everything after right-click to calculation window is not available. the only thing windows 10 allows is to delete history, no copy, no paste

  5. Traveler

    After my non-touch laptop downloaded the Anniversary update a few days ago I ended up with this monstrosity of a calculator (before the update it was smaller)… I have the history view, but for me it’s turned on by default and I can’t figure out how to turn history view off.

    I used to work with multiple calculators open simultaneously… that’s nearly impossible now. I guess I’m off to find a third-party solution…

  6. Helper

    If you are ever wondering on how to hide History/Memory, resize the calculator window smaller until the History/Memory view disappears. Took me a while to figure it out but I’m slow.

  7. Sofía

    Thanks you for this.

  8. N Bachers

    “Enabling the History feature in the Windows 10 Calculator makes the app work like a desktop calculator with the built-in printer.” OK, is there some way to actually print the history results? I want to be able to print it just as if I was running a tape.

  9. Phydeux

    The problem I’m having is turning the damn history OFF!

    Once you enable the history/memory pane it won’t go away and there’s no switch. And the “settings” menu is useless since there’s no actual settings in it.

  10. Hariharan

    Straight forward Answer. This works 🙂

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