How to suggest a change for missing or inaccurate place in Windows Maps

The Windows Maps app is an important piece of Windows 10 ecosystem which we often tend to play down. Earlier targeted for phone users, Maps app now comes pre-installed on your Windows 10 PC/Tablet as well, thanks to the Universal Windows Platform! With many great existing features and much more to come via regular updates, Microsoft has distinctively managed to give a decent maps application.

It has a pretty neat UI coupled with the conventional features like turn-by-turn navigation and search, but it lacks out a bit on the knowledge of surrounding landmarks and places. You may encounter such a situation where you are not able to track a particular location on Maps.

Well, now with Windows 10 v1703, Microsoft has rolled out a handy feature for all its users to add a missing place or submit corrections for an inaccurate place right from Maps app itself. In this post, we’ll talk about how to do so using your Windows 10 PC/Tablet.

Suggest a change in Windows Maps

Say, you are trying to locate a different route to your office but somehow it isn’t showing up on the maps app. That’s when you can let Microsoft know about it and have them add it to the maps. Follow the below steps in order to submit the change for missing or inaccurate place:

Open Windows Maps app. It should be there on your Start menu or in All apps section. Click on Suggest change button present on bottom right corner of the app window. You’ll get three options here to submit your feedback and changes. Let’s take a look at each.

Suggest a change in Windows Maps

Option 1: A place is missing

This can be used to add a new business or landmark. This can come in handy if you’ve started a new shop outlet and let the world know where it is. Click on the option and follow the below steps to add the missing place on maps:

1. Select the type of place you want to add, from the drop down menu placed on the top left corner.

2. Provide basic details like Name and locality address for the missing place.

3. Set its location by moving the map to center the marker on the target area. Click Set to save the location.

How to suggest a change for missing or inaccurate place in Windows Maps

4. Provide additional details like description, phone number, website and business hours for the place.

How to suggest a change for missing or inaccurate place in Windows Maps

5. Click Submit once you’ve filled all the information you want to add to the missing place. It should be sent over to Windows Maps team for approval and will be visible on maps once given a green flag.

Option 2: The map isn’t accurate

If you notice anything unusual regarding a location on the map like a missing road or incorrect place name, you can use this option to provide your feedback to Maps team. Here’s how to do so:

1. Move the map to take the encircled marker to the center of the area that you want to report and click on Set.

2. Provide your information in the text box and click Submit.

How to suggest a change for missing or inaccurate place in Windows Maps

3. Again, it should go for approval to Maps team and will be visible only after the change is deployed.

Option 3: I have other feedback

With this option, you can jump directly to Feedback Hub and provide your feedback or upvote on the already present feedbacks if that matches with your agenda. Feedbacks are automatically filtered to show only those pertaining to Maps app on PC device.

How to suggest a change for missing or inaccurate place in Windows Maps

Well, that’s about it fellas! Keep providing your valuable feedback to make the most out of Windows 10 and its apps. Let us know in case you’ve got anything to say, in the comments section below.

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  1. Paul Streeting

    I have told them of several wrong aspects on the maps in my area like boarded up shops, etc. but they never seem to adjust it. Seems a waste of time telling them!

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