Stop Windows 10 from resetting default apps with Stop Resetting My Apps


  1. Isn’t it absurd that you have to install a lot of programs just to defend your privacy and your system against MIcrosoft’s desire to control what and how you do it?

  2. (almost always) no, because normally you have multiple options or realistic alternatives if you purchase something. But not in this monopolistic world. and that makes you absolutely right.

    I would love to spend 200-300 bucks to have safe & reliable operation platform. Even if you’re running a older paid windows system these days. I read that they implemented there Big Brother attitude on every system now. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The Gestapo 3.0. at your serrvice.

  3. Try Ubuntu. It’s free and has no interest in your data.
    Ok, admittedly you have to learn again, but at least you’re safe from Microsoft’s desire to intrude into your privacy.

  4. Windows is intrusive crap that’s for sure. They try to shove Edge down your throat constantly.

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