Stickies: Digital Sticky Notes for your Windows computer

Fed up of all those yellow colored reminder paper notes that you keep on pasting on your computer’s monitor screen. Now it’s time to upgrade to their computerized version. There is a lot you can do with the built-in Sticky Notes in Windows. But still – people want more! Stickies is a free 3rd-party utility that lets you create powerful yellow rectangular sticky reminders that stay on your screen unless you wish to take them away. Stickies are just same as the paper notes that we all pasted on our monitor screen earlier.

Stickies – Digital Sticky Notes

These notes are really very productive and useful. You can create as many notes you want. Stickies that you create always stay at the top of all the windows, but you can also send them to back so that they are not an interruption for you.

You can attach a sticky to a particular opened window or application so that stickies is only visible when you are working on your desired application. You can also add an alarm with the note so that it can appear at your desired time and thus you can create a good reminder.

You can also make a sticky sleep for some time so that it is not visible for the chosen time. After the time is completed, sticky would automatically wake up.

Stickies - Digital Sticky NotesAll the stickies that you create are highly customizable as, you can change their background color, font color, font type and so on. You can even download readily made themes from the Stickies website. The software itself is highly customizable; you can just customize every inch of the software. Stickies can only be managed via system tray. All the options are located in the menu strip in the system tray.

To check the status of all the stickies you’ve created, you can simply click on ‘Manage Stickies’ option from the system tray or hit CTRL + M and you could see a window from where you can see all your stickies that you’ve create they are grouped into 6 categories that are: Desktop, Attached, Sleeping, Recurring, Closed and Stored .

This is a perfect utility for those who usually forget important things and want a good solution to this problem.

Click here to download Stickies.

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  1. Duane

    another great feature of Stickies is the ability to share notes with other network users that have stickies installed. Makes a great little communication tool. You can share links, images, etc.

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