StepsToReproduce lets you save screenshots as PDF

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the best formats for sharing files. Instead of using .docx or.txt format, you can share a file in PDF to prevent others from editing that easily. You can edit PDF files using Word 2013, but, when you need to include images in a PDF file, you may face some problems. The easiest way to include images and turn them into one PDF file is to use Microsoft Word. You can simply put them in one Word file and save that as PDF.

However, StepsToReproduce makes that time consuming task quicker and easier. You do not have to use a screen capture software to capture screenshots and Microsoft Word to turn them into a PDF file. StepsToReproduce can help you to capture screenshots and export all those screenshots to one PDF file.

The Problem Steps Recorder in Windows too lets you record your interactions with an application & provide a detailed screen-by-screen view with accompanying information. But this tool offers you a little more.

Save screenshots as PDF

StepsToReproduce comes with so many great features, but the most useful among them is that it you capture screenshots in a series and save them as PDF files. Therefore, to save a series of screenshots as PDF using this tool, first download the freeware. After installing this tool, you will see a window like this:


There are three primary settings:

  1. Screenshots recording
  2. Single screenshot capture
  3. Capture history settings.

To capture screenshots after one by one, you need to select an option from “Screenshots recording”. There are three options under Screenshots recording. If you want to capture screenshots of an active screen, select the first one. If you want to capture screenshots of an active window, select the second option. If you want to select custom region to capture screenshots, the third option is for you.

No matter which option you choose, you will get the same features. After selecting one option, just start capturing screenshots one by one.

You do not have to do anything after capturing one screenshot. You can just click again and again to capture multiple screenshots. After completing, just click on the Stop recording button that will be visible when you will capture screenshots.


After that, you can edit the screenshot as per your wish. You can add outline, draw box and do more other things.

It is also possible to add a Title and Description.


After that, click on the FILE button and select a quality.

You can select anyone among Best, High, Average and Low. After that, click on Export button. Your images will be exported to PDF file.


StepsToReproduce – Other features

Although, this tool looks like SnagIt, it doesn’t come with all its features. There are however, many useful features in this free screen capturing tool, like:

  • Share screenshots via email or ImageShack
  • Replace any part of any screenshot with something else
  • Add various effects
  • Use it to record or document your desktop activity

This tool is mainly designed to save screenshots as PDF and it does that very well.


UPDATE June 2016: StepsToReproduce is not available any longer. You can still use Microsoft Steps Recorder as mentioned above and use the tools mentioned below.

This post will show you how to convert PDF to JPG.  See this post if you want to convert JPG file to PDF file online free.

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