Best speech recognition software for Windows 10/8/7

Speech Recognition software is clearly a glimpse into the future. They are programs that use your voice to understand what you want, turn into the readable material and search a device for it when you’re perhaps too busy or lazy to type anything. From Cortana to Alexa to Siri, voice recognition software has obviously brought in a change for good. It’s easier to access; it’s more personal and obviously hands-free.

Speech Recognition software for Windows

From calling your Uber to reading your emails to ordering food, voice recognition apps do everything. Let’s take a look at the best free speech recognition software for Windows 10/8/7.

Windows Speech RecognitionBest speech recognition apps for Windows 10

Microsoft’s inbuilt speech recognition feature is possibly the safest bet and is also one of the most interesting ones. The app is not only available in six languages, including Mandarin and Spanish, it can also multitask like a total pro. It is also very easy to browse through social media with this recognition app. It can correct mistakes and typos smoothly and hence is possibly the perfect voice app for editing. You could even put it to sleep or off-mode after which the app will just not listen (and react) to anything around it. Please check further details about the inbuilt app here.


Hailed as the true-blue digital assistant, Cortana is a very popular voice app, and Microsoft obviously treats it like a major investment and keeps updating it. It’s a huge hit with millennials, as it is very easy to make, organize lists, meetings, reminders on this recognition app. Most young working people use Cortana to organize their itineraries, to send emails, etc. One might ask why Cortana is a bigger hot than others, considering that it probably does the same job. Cortana’s layout and the interface are impeccably thought-out and very user-friendly. One might be a total novice at the voice app and yet find their way through Cortana. The app obviously makes work a lot easier. While Cortana is already a part of your operating system, should you wish to know more about it, it could be checked here.

BrainaSpeech Recognition software for Windows

Braina’s user interface has been unanimously hailed as the best. It’s very personal and yet incredibly responsive. Briana is also a multitasker and can launch several apps at once. One of the best features of this app is that you can control your Windows 10 system with the help of this app, through your phone. It has a separate PC remote version for desktop usage. Consult the reference here for more details on Braina. The English only version is available free of cost and is sufficient for our needs.

VoxCommando VoxCommando

VoxCommando is hand down the best voice app for social media and entertainment purposes. Its organizational layout is not without errors, and there is some issue with the language – since it supports more than 18 languages, it obviously needs a whole lot of provisions. But you can use this app to control media and even your system, and you do not have to go for the pro package to add customization to this app. This app is also widely used by IT employees. Please check further details about the app here. VoxCommando’s free version is as good as the paid one, though it limits to 40 commands. After that, the program could be restarted.

Talk Typer

This is basically a speech to text conversion app. It might not be the ideal workplace app, but it certainly is the handiest, owing to its responsiveness. Experts have suggested that Talk Typer is best used for immediate purposes and not for recreational or professional ones. But it’s very effective while you’re posting or responding to social media. For instance, it lets you edit, copy or play around with a tweet or even convert it into another language. To know more about this amazing app, please check its site here.

Let us know your experiences with them.

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