Agnitio Speech Recognition Software lets you use your Voice to navigate Windows

It is estimated that the share of speech recognition software in the global market will rise by manifolds in the upcoming years. The rise is likely to be driven by developments in Computational Linguistics (the scientific study of language from a computational perspective) used for fine-tuning the accuracy of automatic speech recognition systems and as such, finds application in various enterprises. That said, there are dozens of software available for free but only a few navigate throughout the Windows environment with ease. One of them is Agnitio Speech Recognition Software.

Agnitio Speech Recognition Software

Agnitio Speech Recognition Software cuts short the task of opening up and using programs like Notepad, Command Prompt, Disk Cleanup, Event Viewer. In short, it offers an alternative way to a Windows user to navigate through frequently used system functions. For instance, you can open multiple browser sessions and access your favorite search engine.

The only prerequisite for enabling this functionality is that you should have a working microphone connected to your computer and make sure that the voice recognition is enabled in your system.

When you first download the program, choose a language to complete the installation. Once complete, the program will display a screen showing you the list of commands.

Towards the upper right corner of the main screen, you can find buttons/tabs to access the

  1. Settings screen
  2. Minimize the app
  3. Close the app

Agnitio Speech Recognition Software

Under the ‘Settings Screen’ you can find ‘General Settings’ section that lets you choose to run the program either at the Windows Start up or minimize it to the ‘System Tray’.

Another section lets you choose a voice for the program. By default, a female voice is selected but you can select ‘Male voice’ by clicking the checkbox marked against the option.

Also, the same screen lets you select among 2 different themes:

  1. Light
  2. Dark

However, to allow this change to take effect, you need to restart your computer.In all, Agnitio is a lightweight utility designed to streamline your workflow by opening various applications via your voice command.

In all, Agnitio is a lightweight utility designed to streamline your workflow by opening various applications via your voice command. Visit to download it.

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