Speak-A-Message: Free Voice recording and recognition software for Windows

Speak-A-Message is a free voice recording and recognition software for Windows, that comes with lots of innovative features. It lets you speak and perform many functions on your Computer. It comes in two variants that are ‘Free Home Version’ and ‘Paid Professional Version’. In this post we will only talk about the free version of the software.

Voice recording and recognition software

To run Speak-A-Message, you obviously need a Mic attached with your PC. It can be any headphone mic or a desk mic. This freeware lets you post your messages to Facebook or simply send them by Email. Moreover you can even attach pictures, eCards and screenshots to the recordings.


To start recording your voice, simply click the red record button and the software is ready to record your voice. Once you’ve recorded your voice you can perform all functions on the recorded voice clipping. As mentioned earlier you can add pictures, eCards, and screenshots to it.

The most interesting feature I found in this software was the Transcribe feature. It lets you convert your speech to text. It is almost accurate and performs well. Now you don’t need to type anymore, because Speak-A-Message is going to automatically type it for you. Additionally you can save your transcriptions so that you can again open them and use the text.

The View and Record feature lets you easily add voice messages to your photos, you can add personal messages, description or just anything. You can even create audio shows and add your own custom audio with the View and Record utility. It is a feature filled utility that creates an amazing audio show with amazing features. View and record utility gives you options between encoding and even supports features like Noise reduction and Automatic Gain Control.

Another feature is Voice Diary. Voice diary works normally like you write your personal diary. Under Voice diary you can maintain your personal voice diary in which you will not write with your hand but record your voice into it. You can choose dates, title, text, images, screenshots and some more things. You can even export your diary as an E-Book.

Voice recording and recognition software

Speak-A-Message is a great utility with awesome feature. If you are looking for a good Speech to Text utility than this can help you out and other features like sharing via Facebook and Email adds something extra to the software. Other included utilities like View and Record and Voice Diaries also makes software the best in its class. It is an excellent software with a good interface and features.

Speak-A-Message download

Click here to download Speak-A-Message.

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