Speak-A-Message: Free Voice recording and recognition software for Windows


  1. Nice one. I am looking for a software that could record voice playing on computer. Any idea? WinXP had the recorder in the volume mixer but dropped the codec in Windows 7. I don’t even know its name.

  2. try audacity, but even win 7 can use volume mixer, just check “show disabled periphericals” in recording

  3. A great idea I noticed one for sale AUD$ 99.99 I think it is called Comodo it was on TV, but this windows 7 one is free, I like free but not always, yes Audacity is ok I have used it

  4. I tried setting the other recording device as default but it did not record even on Audacity. For now, am using ANV but that gives output as MP4 and has to be converted to MP3

  5. You must check drivers for Audio Card and when you are done with proper drivers, you may see a new device under recording devices, that would be ‘Stereo Mix’ and it would be able to record the voice playing on your computer.

  6. Problem is that Microsoft installed the audio drivers for the card. Earlier, I used to do it manually. Now when I hit update drivers, it says tis updated. Wondering if I should uninstall the drivers and then use manual method to install the drivers and then the codec pack. Will try and inform you if success.

  7. This is a good one but not free, Smart FLV Converter Pro it converts video music to MP3 or wave, also FLV to MP4 I use it a lot

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