Sound Lock: Sound Volume Controller Software for Windows PC

While watching a movie you may come across a scene where the dialogue is too quiet but the action is too loud. Suddenly the loudness of the volume doubles, no matter how low you fixed the volume. This possibly occurs due to some sound card drivers which install their own proprietary audio controls that may also affect volume. So, unless you have the ear-phones plugged-in, the sound level can be earthquake-inducing for the housemates fast asleep at night. To avoid such unusual instances you can download and install Sound Lock, a freeware app by 3 Appes.

Sound Lock for Windows PC

Sound Lock is a sound output level limiter for your PC which works with Windows Vista and upwards. The app lets you set a loudness level. If during the playback the sound level goes over that threshold, Sound Lock detects it and decreases it to the level you set.

In short, the program is capable of generating smooth sound output throughout the playback by turning the volume down for you during the loud scenes. Once it is over the sound is restored to a normal level so you can continue to watch the Movie uninterrupted and without having he need to adjust the volume manually.

All you need to do is visit the home page, download Sound Lock and install it. Once installed, the application resides in the system tray quietly as an icon.

A simple right-click on the icon brings up the options to fine-tune the program settings. For instance, the ‘Filter mode’ in the ‘Settings’ menu allows you to make a choice whether you would like to filter the volume per channel or use Filter master option. Sound Lock allows to adjust the system volume up to 14 channels.

Other options below ‘Filter Mode’ such as ‘Output Channels’ and ‘Output Device’ let you select the channels manually and control the output devices for applying predefined sound limits. If, you have your computer connected to other speaker instead of the normal two speakers, you can choose to apply the filters on selected channels.

A mere left-click on the icon in the system tray opens the main interface of Sound Lock allowing you to set the maximum sound limit by dragging the bar to the desired level and turn the application on/off.

Sound Lock is free and readily available for download from the developer’s website. It is compatible with Windows 8 too.

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